Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Wash

My title is reminiscent of what used to be published every Monday in our local newspaper for many years -back in the day when the editor of said paper actually wrote editorials (as compared to today when the editor does not do anything remotely like that) as there are so many things on my mind, little stories of things that happened recently, ramifications too, maybe, of some of those things. I just thought it was a pretty apt choice for a title -kind of like the Friday Fragments thing that Barb at Half Past Kissing Time always posts every week. A little mish-mash of things in every day life I guess it is.

Last week, I had several days in which I thought I might be getting a cold but yet, weren't quite like a head cold either. Mainly just my nose running  -and then, running in a way I thought there might be a flood soon! Talking to my friend and neighbor it seems she was having the same issue too and especially the incessant nose-watering thing! I started to think maybe it was an allergy-type thing brought on perhaps because the weather of late has been so strange for this time of year. So, I started to take some OTC stuff for allergy symptom cessation which then led me to purchase a different OTC package which I got at Walmart (their generic brand) and the new stuff I only had to take 1 pill a day and it would put the nose problems on hold for 24 hours. So I tried it and found it to work much better than the other allergy pills I had been taking which had to be ingested every 4 hours and still had a lot of the issues with my nose and also my eyes watering frequently too. So, since Friday now, I've had no more problems with whatever pain in the dupa was previously bothering me!

Yesterday was a very big day in the family's life here as it marked the last Sunday that Pastor Carrie (our minister for the past 3 1/2 years) would be here, with us, as our pastor. The service was one I was dreading, figuring it would turn the waterworks back on for me, but I surprised myself as I made it until shaking her hand and exchanging hugs as we exited the church before the tears began to well up. Not very many dry eyes though in the parish, that's for sure.

After the service, we then held a huge pot-luck dinner in her honor and baby, I do mean it was HUGE! Three tables loaded to the gills with ham, turkey, just about any type of casserole dish you could want, and desserts galore as well. I was not all that well-behaved at the dinner -going back for a second refill of my plate because I simply didn't have enough room the first trip down the line to get even a tiny spoonful of all the things I wanted to try and enjoy. And this morning, I'm seeing the ramifications of that splurge in my eating too as my blood sugar was clear up to a big old 138!

I confess that I have been misbehaving in other ways too though pertaining to the blood sugar stuff. Since back in November, I haven't been doing daily testings. Why? Well, simply because up until that point, my levels were running anywhere between as low as 83 to a high of 115-120 every now and again and I was -truth be told -getting really bored with poking a needle in my fingers daily -sometimes poking several fingers before I could get one that would release enough blood to test too -so I started doing the testings on a more random basis. And until this past week, the levels generally were still staying within that decent range. But now, after over feeding myself way too many carbs and sugary delights yesterday and not paying all that much attention of late either to portion control, it looks like I'm gonna have to step back and punt and get things back down where my doctor wants those numbers.

All this even after I have been behaving a lot better of late about walking the dog -the only true form of exercise this old lady does, ya know. Well, just gonna have to pick up that pace and walk him a bit further and do it faithfully too, every day!

Yesterday, with the goodbyes to Pastor Carrie, I was quite surprised at how nonchalant both Maya and Kurt were with her as neither of them seemed at all upset. (One little boy in our church just sobbed and sobbed after the service though.) Mandy and I are both wondering if perhaps Kurt and Maya just don't comprehend as yet what all this means about her leaving although Maya was telling me on the way home from church about how she is now going to save up "all her money" and get enough saved that way so she can then be able to go to Wisconsin (where Pastor Carrie is going) to see her again! Shortly after announcing that game plan, she also told me she is going to save more of "all her money" and she's going to use that for a trip to Sweden then too. I told her that's great and maybe Grammy will live long enough that she can take me along on that excursion. Confident in this being something that WILL happen, she then informed me that "Well, maybe I will just take the whole family!" Ah, now there's a dream I truly do wish could happen!

As I sit here typing this, I keep getting little interruptions of noises coming from behind me -little bitty scraping kinds of sounds -and I know, without even turning around to look exactly what's causing those noises. It's Pearl in her determined quest to get a paw inside of Mike's tank (Mike being the Beta fish) and Pearl probably is having visions of a delightful little fishy snack in her future plans. Not if I can help it, Pearl baby! The last time I got up and physically moved her away from the tank, I also gave her a little tap on her nose and stern orders to "Stay the Hell away from the fish, Pearl!"

Sure do wish reprimands to a cat were easily followed, ya know!

Gotta share another blog post I read this morning too now. This one is from my dear friend, Dianne, at Forks Off The Moment.

I have to warn you though, if you've never read any of Dianne's posts before, brace yourself! She definitely speaks her mind, tells it like it is! And I love reading her stuff -especially how she generally ends her posts with some reference about "having Hope" which is her way of giving recognition to her beautiful and often quite precocious, little granddaughter, Hope! Check her out and enjoy her words!

Sunday, late afternoon, early evening, as the sun was starting to set, and I was getting ready to take Sammy out for a walk, I happened to glance out the front window in the living room and the view I saw really struck me as being particularly different -as well as (in my opinion) very beautiful. The way the sunlight was hitting just across the tops of the tree line behind the house across the street from ours made me marvel at the sight. So much so that before I took Sammy out, I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots of it to share with you so you could see I wasn't exaggerating and that it really was very pretty!

What really amazed me was that it took me perhaps 5 minutes after I first noticed the sunlight on the tree tops until I got my camera and threw my coat on to get out side to snap these pics and in that short period of time, the amount of sun that showed through had changed drastically. When I first noticed it, the sun's rays appeared to be landing across the trees about half-way down and when I snapped these shots, it had decreased already up to only showing about the top one-fourth of the tree tops in a golden glow!

Does really show, doesn't it, just how quickly things change and yes, that time does fly!

Hope the coming week brings loads of golden sunshine in your lives.

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RuneE said...

I got a distinct feeling of autumn from the light and trees in those photo, although I know it is spring. It is a kind of light I enjoy. You must tell Maya that Sweden is very nice and she MUST take Grammy along :-)

PS Blogger has some hidden systems for catching spam, and occasionally they even work!