Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tree Watcher

I have mentioned on numerous occasions about my good intentions of getting back in the habit of walking, especially taking Sammy out and going on some brisk strolls with him and I know I've also said a few things here and there too about watching what I ingest in my system.

Well, the past couple of times I've done blood sugar testing my numbers were coming back considerably higher than they have been -and on a pretty consistent basis too -that I am gonna have to kick-start my butt into the good behavior column again. Walks with the dog -preferably (unless it is a really heavy, cold rain) up to get the mail and back home which would be almost 1 1/2 miles round trip by six days a week for a weekly total then of at least 9 miles. A tad more once Sunday's walks would be added in to that too. And on the food issues, gonna have to figure out some really lo-cal, lo-sugar-lo-carb things to insert in the diet and also, utilize the pressure needed to keep my arm down at my side and not reaching for the spoon or fork to take seconds of ANYTHING -unless it would be celery sticks or raw broccoli sans dips of course!

ARRGH! I hate this aspect being tossed back into my life but it's my own damned fault for not paying as much close attention to it as I should have been doing all along.  The old saying "We reap what we sow" does come to mind here and baby, I don't like the idea of reaping the "benefits" of insulin. Not in the least!

So with all that in mind, I did take the dog for a walk today up to pick up the mail -which by the way was a non-existent entity too as the mail box was empty! Oh well, that's good in that it held no bills anyway!

But along the way -and today, I remembered too that I should try to take my little camera along when I go out but didn't think of that until I got a bit up the road from the house and saw something that caught my eye and interest. So, after I got back to the house, I grabbed the camera and went back up to where I saw this -and I hope you can see it okay on the photo as it's not huge and sort of hidden and blends in with the branches on the tree a bit. (Plus it was really difficult for me to photograph it as I couldn't really see if I had it in focus in my lens! Talk about snapping things rather blindly, huh?)

You may have to hit the button to increase the size of the picture in order to see it -and right now, as I look at this shot, I can't see it but I know it's there!

What's there, you ask?

A lonely little icicle hanging from a branch on the tree!

I was really surprised to see it because it's dry today and though it is cold, there's not a lot of wind blowing around to make it feel even colder too. And considering all the other trees I passed as Sam and I made our way up the road and back home again, no where else did I observe any thing like ice hanging on any other trees or bushes or shrubs along the way!

Just thought it was unusual and kind of neat!

Tonight's the night for our monthly meeting of our Women's Group at Church and one of the members phoned me earlier to tell me she wouldn't be there tonight. I'm not surprised to get that message because she and her husband were in a car accident this past Friday and he was taken to Altoona Hospital -about 50 miles from here -due to injuries he sustained to his lower back/spinal column. What makes this more difficult though for them is that back in 1986 (I think that's the year if my memory is on target) he was in a very bad auto accident which left him in a coma for several months and a long, long period of rehabilitation after that as well. He "recovered" yes, but at a severe price because it is very difficult for him to walk even today and he generally uses a walker to be mobile. Luckily for him in this accident, he was being transferred today to a rehab facility about 35 miles from here and his wife said the staff at Altoona had gotten him up and he was able to walk. But still, will need she says at least 1-2 weeks of rehab and therapy now. He graduated from high school with my older daughter and they have been very good friends for many, many years now -a really nice young man -who was eventually able to return to college, got his bachelor's as well as his master's but due to his physical issues still an ongoing thing, he's never been able to find employment in a setting conducive to his issues! What a shame that is to have the learning, the ability but not be able to find someone willing to give him the chance he needed to prove himself as the capable person he truly is! So, if you're one who reads this and believes in the power of prayer, please remember our friend, R.B., that he heals quickly and is able to regain what he'd worked so hard years ago to acquire -the ability to move around, even if it is at a slower pace than most of us have!

And now, I'm off to the kitchen to go on a search and destroy mission for something to cook for supper that will be met in a positive manner by the grandkids and will also be something that is filling but not fattening -preferably "sugar free" ya know -for me!

That might be a bit close to Mission Impossible but I'm gonna give it a try anyway!

Now go and have a great day!


Sandee said...

I enlarged the picture and couldn't figure out it was an ice-cycle until you told us. Wow, that is amazing. It's probably gone by now. Good capture though.

I can so relate about diet and exercise. If I eat anything I want my blood work comes out awful. If my diet is lean then my blood work comes out great. Getting old sucks, but I hate the alternative.

Have a terrific day. :)

Maggie May said...

I found the icicle after enlarging the photo. What a weird phenomena! A very unusual thing to see.

Sorry to hear about your friend's accident & I hope he recovers very soon. He seems unlucky with road travel as it was the second one.

Walking is a good form of exercise and I'm sure if you can fins some really nice walks, it'll help you.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Monalisa said...

Good Luck with the walking. I used to hate walking, but since my son got a husky dog that needs a good long walk everyday, I have been going with him for months - about 3 miles 5/6 days a week - and have started to loose weight slowly. I actually enjoy it now and miss it on the odd day we don't go.

terri said...

That lone icicle is really neat... one of those strange and amazing feats of nature.