Monday, March 19, 2012

Musical Density!

Boy. the things that crop up and show me all kinds of stuff that I am dense and or naive about -totally incredible!

It really amazes me how many specialized things there are for things that I would have thought would actually be fairly simple to deal with.

The fact that there are all these name brands that have special meanings to various artists and/or amateurs I fear is going to really come home to haunt me in years to come if these kids keep getting interested in so many things along the way. Suppose Maya decides that the acoustic guitar that a friend of Mandy's gave her for Christmas 2 years ago and which, of course, Maya knew nothing whatsoever about how to play any musical instrument at that time (still doesn't for that matter) but all this friend knew was that Maya had fallen in love with a toy guitar so the lady, thinking she was doing Maya a good deed, got her this for-real guitar that year for Christmas! Well, before you knew it, it was a totally stringless guitar because, of course, a 5-year-old has no clue whatsoever about those things and that one has to handle these things with at least a modicum of care!


Sure, you know I'm right, so just agree with me, will ya? Anyway, did you know that there is something like John Pearse guitar strings? Well, I didn't but there are and I have no clue what kind of guitar strings this guitar would have to have and if they have to be a specific kind, type or name brand or whatever! So how does one learn about simple things like that anyway if, as Maya gets a bit older and does have a real interest (and maybe ability) in learning to play an instrument like that?

Just one more thing along life's merry way to confuse me!

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