Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Small Doses of Karma?

The past week has been filled with ups and downs galore -and recently, mostly it seemed like things were all on the down side, darned near non-stop.

Between the issues I had briefly described earlier this week, plus for some reason or other, my back and legs have not been treating me kindly nor has my intestines for that matter and well, I've just had a whole lot of high anxiety levels and very low energy levels of late.

However, the anxiety at least has lifted somewhat in that I was told yesterday that we are going to revert back to our original plans and the extra special stuff some had wanted to mess with was being cancelled. That, for me, was a big relief for sure. But there's still a couple other things coming up before that -like Easter and a special breakfast at church between the 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. services to worry about getting that all coordinated and served, on the table and all foods HOT!

Yeah -a nice little prayer would be great in that respect!

Today, I got a phone call from the Weatherization program people and two of the evaluators/mechanics or whatever each one's specialty is -stopped by the house to survey the situation, take some readings on the areas of the house where heat is escaping and cold air is flowing in, plus the one guy did do a little early work on the furnace but said overall, it really wasn't in bad shape. So that was encouraging.

Now comes the really hard part though to this weatherization program!

The plan is that they are going to put in more insulation into the walls, ceilings, etc. And that is a good thing, is it not?

Well it is until they tell you that they will be putting lots of extra insulation up in the attic and that means that EVERYTHING in the attic has to be removed from there!

EGADS! Are they crazy? The attic in this old house is even rattier, more jam-packed than old Fiber McGee's closet ever came near being! Yes, I kid you not! It really is that bad!

Mandy put out a notice on Facebook asking if anyone of her friends (and maybe even some enemies, who knows) are interested in giving us a hand for a really big job at our house this Saturday, there will be food -and beverages too for those over 21 -once the job is completed!

Where in blazes she plans to stash some of the oodles and oodles of boxes and crates and who knows what other containers are up there, filled with who knows what items too -and who is going to sort through all that crapola (a lot of which it is crapola that is probably useless but some of the crapola -well, could maybe be useful somewhere) and determine which pile to put what in -total trash, partial trash, useful, sort of or useful -very!

And what really sucks about this deal is we don't know exactly when the weatherization people will be showing up to do the insulation job. It could be as early as in a week or two but, it could also not happen for 4-6 weeks too!

I'm can envision a long period of time during which we'll be living with lots and lots of boxes stashed hither, thither and yon, for sure!

Actually, in order to get all this mess cleared out, things trashed or saved, stored elsewhere, etc., I'm thinking maybe a contact should or could be made to oh how about triangle direct media to get some really good help in coverage of the job needing done and things that would be available to cart away too. Yeah, spread that word, will ya?

If there's some special item you're maybe interested in, something you've been looking for, or if you have small children who need more toys, maybe even clothes, come down to the house this Saturday and check out what's being hauled away from the attic!

Be my guest! Please?


Suldog said...

Sorry I can't help with the attic, but I did say a prayer for the success of your Easter breakfast!

Mary said...

Jeni, sounds like a BIG job. Wish I was in your area. I'm sure there are probably antiques in your attic. If so, be sure to sell them online at Kijijii or Etsy. People love to collect that kind of thing.

Wishing you all the luck in the world. Wish I could help.