Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ailing Equipment?

Boy, if things keep up around here the way they have been, my blogger friends are gonna think pretty soon that all I do here is sit and gripe, whine or complain!

Well, unfortunately, right now, it sure does seem that about everything and anything is falling apart on me of late.

First off, there's my lovely little printer -the one I just purchased last summer and which I really do (did) like because it had the capacity to print, copy and or scan, all in one nice little container! I don't remember right now if this is the 3rd printer I've purchased or if it was the 4th one I've had since I bought my first computer but I'm kind of thinking it was probably the 4th one. Anyway, it was working fine and dandy and was a whole lot easier to use than was the one I had before this one -which was also a print/copy/scan thing but it also had the ability to do faxes on it too although I never got around to hooking up that aspect. I hated that one though after I got it home and hooked up because you had to feed the item you wanted to scan down into the feeder and from there, it went in through some rollers so some types of old photos -like the ones on sort of a cardboard-type backing -would never go through that roller contraption and then, you'd be SOL in trying to make scans of some really old, old photos!

This current printer though worked fine and dandy until about mid-January of this year. One day I used it and it gave no little sounds or signals that anything was wrong, about to break down or anything and the next day when I tried to print something, it would try to pull the blank paper in but would end up just making a crease in the paper and a dent (sort of) at the edge of the paper which then wouldn't grasp and enter the print rollers.

About a month after this first started to happen -and after I'd given up on trying to figure anything out that would fix the darned thing -I tried again to get it to work and lo and behold, it apparently took pity on me and began suddenly to work again! What the heck?

Well that lasted a day or two I guess and anyway, the next time I went to print something, it was back to square one of not working at all.

So now I'm in the process of searching onlne, looking for a model like this one that just went cockeyed on me and for a very reasonable price too. I thought I had found a unit on sale at Walmart that was "bundled" and offered an "all in one" printer (which is what I had) PLUS a 4GB flash thingy too -all for a mere $29.00.  I checked about whether the same thing was available at the Walmart store near me and it said online that yes, it was -so Friday, I headed out and over to Walmart with the plan of getting one of these units then to solve my printer problems. Well they had a unit there alright but it was just a printer -not a print/copy/scan instrument -and they don't offer the "bundles" on in store purchases either!

Rats! Back to the drawing board I go! (What ticks me off about this little fiasco is that why do they call them an "All-in-One" unit if all it does is one thing -Print? When I see "all-in-one" I think that means that it will do several functions but guess that just goes to show how much I don't know, doesn't it?)

Then there's the junk about my blood sugar testings and how they have -for the past 2-3 weeks -been registering almost all over the board! Well, not quite that bad but higher than I know my doctor would like to see at any rate. Last week, it seemed that things had come back under control but then on Sunday and Monday, it was right back to skipping along in the higher number brackets.

Add to that, some issues I seemed to be experiencing too with my bathroom scale now. Anything to do with weight gain is NOT a good thing in my book or in my Doctor's view either but boy, if she'd seen some of the numbers and the speed with which they were climbing on me a week ago, she'd have been maybe even more shocked that I was!

According to my lovely scale (which by the way is less than 2 years old and is a digital thing too), my weight has over the past two weeks jumped up 12 pounds more than it had been running which was also 6 pounds more than what I weighed at my last doctor visit in December! Sheesh, at that rate it meant I had gained 18 pound in 3 months and 12 of those pounds, according to the scale, came home to roost over a 24-hour period! Go figure that one, will ya? And what's even more confusing is the fact that none of my clothes has suddenly become too tight for me to fit into them either! Now that I find really confounding because in the past, as soon as my weight would start to go up, up, up my clothes would seem to be going down, down, down and I wouldn't be able to get into most of 'em and sure as heck couldn't zip any of 'em up either! But I have had no problems whatsoever along that line and trust me, I am NOT complaining about that! Hope it stays that way cause I don't feel like replacing my wardrobe yet again!

Since Christmas Day, I have not done any needlecraft projects at all! Nope! I've been wiling my hours away with my nose in books -trying to get caught up on reading the many books I have bought or had given to me over the past 2-3 years and which I put aside saying I'll read it as soon as I finish this or that project (craft stuff, ya know) and then, I'd never get around to reading anything! But that has seen a big change as I have read somewhere between 15 and 20 books now and have the one I'm working on now and two others that I recently got and then, I will be all caught up on my books stacked around the house! Yippy skippy!

Next up as far as projects go is going to have to be a shared thing as over the next six months, some of my high school friends and I are going to be running pretty busy as we will be working on the final preparations for our class reunion to be held come September. This one's a biggy, folks as it will be our 50th class reunion and I am very much looking forward to seeing a whole lot of faces I haven't seen in oh -50 years now!

In addition to the class reunion plans, I'm also figuring to return to doing some needle work stuff now and again too as I do find doing that kind of crafting to be very relaxing for me and if there's anything I need right now, it's plenty of ways to relax my mind and "let go and let God" take charge!

So there you have it -the problems of the problem child blogger!

I keep telling myself that "This too shall pass" and yes, I know it will but then I remember my other favorite old adage "Patience is a virtue" which I always end by saying "But I'm not a very virtuous person."

Gonna have to practice working on that virtue stuff a good bit I guess, aren't I?


Maggie May said...

I feel that life throws some fairly bad things at us from time to time & that is part and parcel of living ...... but all the little things going wrong together as the big things, usually gets to me & makes my life a misery. It is all in a cycle of things that happen. Hopefully, you'll get a run of good things before to long. Lets hope so.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

All of these things going on at once makes me think, "When it rains, it pours." It sure might be easier to handle the ups and downs if they'd space themselves out a bit more.

At least your able to find some things to enjoy in the meantime, like reading all of those books!

Mary said...

Jeni, those digital scales don't last very long. I've had a couple of them. Also, if the battery is low, you will gain 12 lbs in 24 hours. Try replacing it. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.