Monday, March 19, 2012

Wardrobe Changes....

Back at the beginning of the new year, our school system here introduced a new program for the elementary school students of indoor soccer for the winter season. Mandy thought since it was available to kids in Maya's age range (second grade) as well as for kids as young as kindergarten level, that this might be a good thing to sign the kids up for this. Give them a little bit of exercise over the winter months plus perhaps enable them to learn better how to follow directives and focus on a game better.

So, of course, there were the mandatory clothing items they needed to have -shin guards -two pair, one set for each child -but at least for this particular class, that was all they needed in the way of extra equipment.

Now, however, this program is ending and the spring soccer aspect is just around the corner. That one requires a bit more gear for the child to have so Mandy is debating whether or not to let Maya enroll in the program because of the additional expenses that would be incurred. She's already decided there is no point this year of even thinking about continuing the soccer for Kurtis as he's still just a bit to much of a space cadet right now and doesn't grasp the game concept nor the idea of paying strict attention to doing what the coaches tell the kids to do. In other words -he stays in his own little world and just sort of floats around, kind of free range, ya know.

Considering all the extra expenses for these programs, at the rate those costs run, if either of these kids ever acquires an interest in extreme winter sports and needs clothing like say an Alpinestars-Jackets, Mandy and I had both better find some really good paying jobs as well as hitting the lottery too in order for just one of the kids to be able to participate in that kind of activity!

Sheesh! The schools will have to be offering clothing scholarships the way this stuff costs!

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Sandi McBride said...

I love the idea of Free Range should write a childrens book with him as the title are too much Jeni...I just love your humor!!