Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Luck!

Good Luck! Now there's a phrase that we're really in need of here!

Tomorrow will certainly be an interesting day here -if nothing else.

One thing for sure, there will be no celebrating because we now know we're still poor as church mice since we didn't win the big Mega Millions lottery tonight. Rats! I really could have used $640 million bucks though. How about you?

Nope, we're gonna need lots and lots of luck -along with lots and lots of help too because Mandy says we're gonna have a cleaning party to start getting everything moved out of the attic!

Hmmm. Considering how much is stashed in that attic, I'm thinking what we really need is everyone from house cleaning services Cary NC -and then some beyond that too, perhaps!

So far, all we have enlisted to help here consists of Mandy, me and my fourteen-year-old grandson, Alex! My Favorite Son supposedly is going to show up and help too but I'm not holding my breath on that one. He's seen what a hoarder's nest the attic in this house is and is probably already sick with a terrible case of the flu.

I'm just trying to figure out where on earth all those boxes and totes and whatever else will be found up there can be stored until the guys from the Weatherization Program arrive to put in lots and lots of insulation into the attic.

That, plus it would really be ultra helpful too if we even just had a firm date when they will be here and begin work!

I know that attic isn't going to get cleaned out in one day, for sure. Heck, it's taken over 20 years to load it up this time and some of the stuff up there dates back darned near to the earliest days of this old house too.

Can you tell I'm really happy, very impressed, with the task ahead of us?


Maggie May said...

I know that feeling so well!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

I don't envy you that chore! I think the only thing to do is just dig in and do what you can, a little at a time.