Monday, March 19, 2012

Cabin Fever Escape?

The weather this winter has been really mild and for that I am very grateful. That we haven't had a lot of days with temps below zero and wind gusts making the wind chill factor even way lower -a major blessing especially with respect to the fuel bills! The fact that with the warmer temps and all we haven't had any major ice storms is also something for which I am extremely grateful too.

However, all that nice weather (for wintertime, ya know) still doesn't make getting through to spring time without having a bit of a go-round though with the sort of typical winter kind of depression that the doctors often refer to as SAD -Seasonal affective disorder -which really stems from lack of enough vitamin D (I think it's D) due to the lowered amounts of sunshine we get.

Anyway, normally, when I get into that rut, and just feel really out of sorts, wanting to hibernate, I have for the past couple of years now, as you know, turned to doing lots and lots of embroidery work. This year though, I did something different and went on a reading binge!

The drawback though to the reading binge is basically a lot the same as with the embroidery in that I then lose interest in most anything else and just concentrate solely on whatever it is that is my agenda at that time.

Housework becomes something completely at the bottom of the "To do" list, for sure!

What's bad about this is that Mandy and I both tend to operate much the same way so neither of us wants to be bothered with a lot of cleaning and such. But after well over a week now of really nice weather, warm days, sunny days and such, the dislike of housework begins to lift a bit.

Mandy was on a cleaning tear this past weekend -organizing kids clothes, shoes, boots, neatening, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming -you name it and she was on fire doing all kinds of stuff like that. And, the bug finally bit me a little today too as I decided to tackle the kitchen!

I gave the floor a good once-over, mop job -so now it's nice and bright, a bit on the slippery side initially so you could call it kind of a quick step flooring now if you venture out there in your stocking feet and are moving a bit fast -you could go into a slip/slide in nothing flat! (No extra dirt to snag the socks and slow the movements down a bit I guess!)

That aspect won't stick around very long though what with the kids now able to go outside and play and I'll wager by tomorrow evening when they are ready for bed, that darned floor will be showing lots of wear and tear and mud having been dragged back in either by them or by the dog who now, seems compelled to find the biggest leaf accumulations along our walking route with bits of other stuff mixed in with the leaves as he finds it very necessary to lay down and roll all around, nuzzling the dirt down under and lifting that and the leaves to gather on his fur!

Dogs or kids -makes no difference I guess when it comes to finding and accumulating dirt. If it's there and readily available, they'll find it and bring it in to the cleanest floor area of the house!

Never fails!

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