Friday, March 16, 2012

Like Mother....

Did I ever mention a job I had that was the longest lasting job I've ever had? From 1973 until 1991 -18 years -I was an Avonlady!

When I first started selling those products, my first order, I had only 3 customers but by the time I gave it up, I had about 150 people in my customer tracking book although I never had an order where that many people ordered something in one single campaign. Boy, wish I would have had customers like that!

I was the old-fashioned kind of representative too -the ones who went door-to-door unlike a lot of reps I knew then (and still today) who had people willing to take their sales books into factories and/or offices and gather up orders there for them. Those reps often were the ones who were the top-sellers in the district but I still managed to make the Top Ten list for over 15 or 16 years of my tenure as a rep.

Today, my daughter is now an Avon rep too but she doesn't go door-to-door. Instead, she just sells to family and a few friends of hers. It's enough for her to then be able to purchase the products she likes at the wholesale price and that is basically all she's interested in.

I still like and use a lot of their merchandise and I do especially like several of their fragrances. But I have to confess that my very favorite perfume of all I've ever had is one by Lancome called Poeme. (I think that's how you spell it.) Anyway, it's a designer perfume that was given to me as a birthday gift back in 1998! And it was given to me by the gentleman I was seeing at that time who, two weeks later, ended our relationship!

Maybe that purchase of that perfume was a bit too pricey for him to carry on the relationship?

I don't know what his reason for his decision to stop seeing me really was as he never fully explained it to me but that was the last time I ever got involved in any type of emotional relationship.

It taught me a darned good lesson and that was that I am independent and don't really need to have a man to make me whole.

Don't get me wrong now as I am not anti-relationships and definitely not against men or anything that dire but I just don't need one to make me "complete."

Of course, I'll never be able to afford another bottle of that lovely perfume but that's okay too!

It's just a material object and there are lots of things worth much, much more!

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terri said...

You've got a great attitude! Yes, some of those material things are nice to have. But in the big picture, we can get by without them. And good for you, knowing that you are complete just as you are. So many people feel that they have to have someone in order to be whole. Not so. I think we have to be whole on our own before we can be good for another person anyway.