Friday, March 09, 2012

Too Much, Too Soon...

Darn it anyway! Looks like I opened my big mouth and uttered a bunch of stuff a bit too early on for those words to be valid anymore.

This morning, while going through my reader and making occasional comments too, I responded to a post by Kat at Seeking Sanity in which she was talking about the weather over the past couple of months and how it was not the norm for those of us who live in states that frequently become snowbound or have lengthy bouts of really, really low temps and other nasty winter things, like sleet, freezing rain and such. Just as where she lives (Michigan), we here in Pennsylvania have had a winter quite unlike any in my memory at all -which by the way covers a whole lot of winters too, ya know. We've had a few snowfalls, yes, but nothing in the really, really big depths range, no blizzards either and only a few times have we had some snow of the blowing type that creates so much havoc with the visibility for people on the highways. We've had no instances whatsoever in which the temps dropped below zero and then, due to wind chill factors, seemed 10-15 degrees even lower than an already bitter cold of say, -6 degrees.

So I told her this about the winter of 2012 as experienced here in central Pennsylvania. Then, I went on to read a few more blogs, get myself cup of coffee, fixed myself a huge tossed salad for breakfast (reasons for salad for breakfast to be discussed later) and when I came back into the living room to finish my blog reading and happened to look out the window, to my chagrin what did I see but snow flakes flying about quite furiously too! The Nerve! Unmitigated nerve at that of Mother Nature to invade my turf on what earlier forecasts (or so I had been led to believe) were calling for warm (50-60 possible) temps today! Apparently that was not to be though.

Although now, an hour later, the sun is making occasional peeks through and the amount of flurries has greatly diminished so who knows what the noon weather forecast will hold now!

This rather mixed up weather stuff though fits very nicely with m mood today which, by the way, isn't all that good but for other reasons -all of which lead to my logic in having a tossed salad for breakfast!

My thoughts on that choice were that perhaps since lettuce and a couple other greens seem to be the only things I should be eating because everything else I seem to like much less even just look at makes my blood sugar go a bit wild now!

I confess to not being an ideal patient for a doctor to work with when it comes to issues like weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and low fat/carb crapola. You probably know the drill too with these items, especially as you get a bit up in years.

My blood sugar levels went more than a bit wonky last year when I was getting chemo after having had a hysterectomy at which time it was discovered that I had uterine cancer and as a result, between my oncologist and my primary care physician, they decided to put me on a high dosage of metformin twice a day to keep my blood sugar in check -along with being good and pushing myself away from the table more often, not ingesting the carbs that pollute our diet here mainly because mac'n'cheese or chicken nuggets seem to be the main things we can get these two kids to eat! And I still swear by my words I used all the time to my kids when they would get picky about food and I would preach to them to "Sit up, shut up and eat cause I'm not running a blankety-blank-blank restaurant here with me trying to fix a couple different meals for one sitting!" Well, guess what? There are a lot of days that I do end up fixing two sort of separate menus simply because there are times Mandy and I do get a bit tired of the mac'n'cheese that the kids would prefer to see on the table day after day after day!

So anyway, I confess too that I have been misbehaving a good bit of late with respect to the diet stuff and the blood sugar and all that junk. I had been testing my blood sugar normally, once a day, in the morning before having anything to eat at all. And prior to the latter part of November, those tests were always running the gamut of anywhere from a low of 82 to a high of 119 -and a gamut in those number is now a really bad thing, ya know. So I decided I was tired of poking a hole in my fingertips every damned day and not being able to make heads or tails either out of the readings based on what I'd had to eat the day before! Go figure why one day it could be a low of 83 after having had a bigger amount of food that was heavy-duty on the carb end of the spectrum and a day or so later, after having a diet the day before of say, rice and fish (broiled) giving a reading of maybe 115-119 or so. Just confusing the hell out of me was all that was doing because I couldn't get a good bead then on foods I could concentrate more on and that I really liked -which the kids would eat too. (Also an important factor in these configurations too for peace, quiet and overall sanity to prevail at the dinner table!)

So I began just testing randomly maybe 2-3 times a month and in doing that, during November I ran an average blood sugar level then of 117, in January it was 110 and in March thus far, it exploded and has not been under 120 yet! Actually, this past Monday morning it was up to 138 but I figured that was because the day before we had a pot luck dinner at church with oodles and oodles of casseroles (all extremely tasty) plus just about as wide an array too of lovely desserts -all irresistible -and I had more than pigged out the day before. So I decided then to check my sugar levels a bit more frequently and on Tuesday morning, it was still up there but a teeny bit lower -down to 135. Yesterday it dropped a bit more by morning to 129 but this morning, it was really high -up to 143 and I was really frustrated again as my diet yesterday was not out of bounds! Oatmeal plus a bit of homemade rye toast for breakfast, and for supper, a nice tossed salad, a very meager amount of buttered noodles (very meager for me!) along with some broiled chicken with Italian dressing seasoning and later in the evening a banana and a very small scoop of ice cream. (Note here, during the time span when my blood sugars were constantly testing low and very acceptable, I was also enjoying (very much) almost every night, a nice serving of ice cream as I had to have food in my stomach when taking my meds, ya know!)

This morning I also decided to take the plunge and dared to get on the scale! A mistake for my ego there, that's for sure and the scale of course, doesn't lie and it told me that I am now paying the piper for all the indulging I did between Thanksgiving and the end of January what with all the chocolates and other candies and cookies out the yazoo that existed in the old house then! To the tune of an increase of almost 8 pounds as a matter of fact! ARRGH and double ARRGH to that bit of news!

So, even though I have been behaving better thus far this week with Sam and walking him the rest of my life seems to be crumbling about me from my bad choices I've been making! The salad though this a.m. did taste pretty good and actually made me feel full too! I'm hoping it will hold me till supper time when I'm figuring on fixing some kind of fish and who knows what else (that the kids will eat) for supper.

But since I'm sharing some information here today that isn't all on the nice and bright side, I've got something else to add to that too! Seems Kurtis made a bunch of bad choices yesterday in school and almost got not one but three infractions! His TSS sent Mandy a text message yesterday late in the morning to tell her it wasn't a good day going on in the kindergarten area at least not where Kurt was concerned as while Miss Dawn was helping another client, Kurtis decided to drop his drawers, put his little naked butt smack in the face of a fellow student and then, adding insult to injury, he proceeded to wiggle said naked behind profusely in that other child's face too!

OMG! Kurt did that? Whatever was he thinking? And, what happened to the little boy who frequently will tell me not to look at him while he's attempting to take off his pajamas and get dressed? It's not unusual at all for me to go near the bathroom door and upon his hearing me there, he will call out and tell me "No look at me Gram! No look! I no got clothes on!"

Modesty frequently prevails on the home front where people have often seen him in various stages of undress over the almost 6 years of his life and yet, at school, around people who are virtually strangers to him in a manner of speaking, he strips and shakes his booty at them in their faces too boot!

Needless to say, he wasn't the happiest camper on the block last night as Mandy had some lengthy discussions with him about his bad behavior and poor choices made yesterday.

Let's hope that today he remembers telling me as he got on the van to go to school this a.m. that he would make good choices today and who knows, maybe it will happen that way just like the sun keeps popping in and out for a bit of a longer visit too each time now.

Maybe spring really, really is on the way and everything will brighten up more and more with each passing day. Including the prospects then too of getting back to doing longer walks too with Sammy that maybe will be helpful in the weight loss, blood sugar control column.

It could happen, ya know! It better happen is more what I'm saying right about now though!


Kat said...

Oh no! You spoke it! That happens to me every time. I brag about no snow (or healthy kids) and then whammo!
And not that it matters but I'm in Wisconsin, not Michigan. You must know that I am a Packers fan, not a Lions fan. That part is important. ;)
Kids do the darnedest things, don't they? Hopefully today was a better day. :)

Maggie May said...

I must admit that, barring the diabetes, I felt you were talking about me.
I get thoroughly disgusted and disillusioned by my weight & inability to lose it.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

CiCi said...

The weather really does dictate whether I walk or not. It is chilly here and so darn windy. They are building a huge garage in the place behind me and I have been watching them tack up black tar paper, wind blew it ALL off, they tacked more up and today the wind has ripped it all off again. Gads. Getting on the scale seems to be the spring time shock we are all dealing with right now. Have a terrific weekend, Jeni.

Sandi McBride said...

Until I went out and saw my peach tree and plum trees blooming I would have traded places with you, loving snow as I do..,but not now, lol! Me,I prick my fingers three times a day...maybe I'll knock it down to two, good luck with yours!!!

Anonymous said...

I think we need to spoil ourselves sometimes with the yummy food but it does mess up our system doesn't it.

The weather has been very strange over here, too. We haven't really had a proper winter at all, no snow and no really cold weather. It's been chilly and down to zero at nights but nothing like last winter.

CJ x

Suldog said...

I've started my annual Lenten diet (no flour, no dairy) so I feel at least some of your pain. Happy to say, though, that I've been blessed with NOT having diabetes, at least thus far.