Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peeves of Note!

Ever have one of those days when virtually everything you touch turns to a substance or some such that just doesn't work for you?

Today must have been one of those days for me.

I got up around 9 a.m. -give or take an hour or so I think. (Not fully sure what time it was when I got up but was pretty near to 10 a.m. I figure by the time I was relatively awake anyway. So allowances there are necessary.)

Decided I needed something "filling" for my breakfast rather than just a couple slices of toast so a scrambled egg sandwich (on toast of course) was my meal ticket for the morning, after which I could then take my daily meds. Can't take 'em on an empty stomach or else I will lose the benefit of the meds completely by depositing them almost immediately in the bathroom, ya know.) So before eating, I had to do my morning blood sugar test which today was the second time I think in over a week that it has registered under 120. Not good, by a long shot but not really horrible either, in my opinion. Hopefully, it is coming down, getting under control a bit again.

After breakfast though, the stomach decided it was time to wreak a bit of havoc by giving me lots of cramps and such. After that began to calm down, then my system decided it was time to ignore the nice temps outside and make me feel as if I were about to freeze inside the house so with that, I decided to curl up on the couch with a nice quilt and get warm that way. On my way to getting warm again, I took a nice little cat nap then too!

So, finally up and at 'em around 12:30, I decided time to take a shower. While getting things ready to get in the shower though is when the darned clumsy syndrome decided to take charge of things starting with how I managed to knock over some lipstick containers on the shelf in the medicine cabinet and one of 'em took a header into the sink and of course, right down into the drain. Yes, the cap to said lipstick also came off in the process and you just know it also happened to be my favorite shade too, don't 'cha? Couldn't have been a tube that I was tired of, that was 3/4 used up or anything, could it?  Well, certainly not as that would have been at least slightly beneficial in some way, wouldn't it?

After a quick but refreshing (also good awakener) shower, I realized I hadn't brought any clean clothes into the bathroom to put on -no robe there either -so I gathered up some other stuff laying on the chest in the bathroom to put in front of me to make my escape from the bathroom to my bedroom to get dressed. Praying all along too that there was no one waiting out front for me to surface and answer the door or anything like that because of course, within about 10 seconds after I had got into the shower and got my head all soaped up, the dog had begun barking like the little lunatic he is at times -loud, very frenzied -which usually means someone has dared to come down the sidewalk and knock on the front door! Usually, but not always as sometimes we have decided he goes into these barking frenzies too after having just seen a leaf blow across his line of vision too. Thank goodness apparently today it was a leaf as there was no one out front, no packages dropped off on the door stoop either so no risk then of my scaring the living daylights out of some unsuspecting soul who may have thought they needed or wanted to speak with me.

Finally dressed, Sam and I walked up the road to pick up the mail and he managed to water about every blade of grass along the route to and from the mail boxes. I marvel at the capacity of his bladder every time we go for a walk as that sucker must hold 10 gallon at least, judging by the number of watering stops he makes during a walk that is approximately 1 1/2 miles, round trip! Sure makes me envious of being able to hold that much fluid back from accidentally escaping, that's for sure!

Home again, and time for the kids to return from school with Kurtis getting home about 3:30 today and Maya, at the after-school play program she attends every Wednesday until 4:30 when Mandy has to pick her up then. So once they are both home, then it is wondering how long their peace truce for the day will hold up, ya know. Usually, it only lasts a short period of time once they are together but I'm thinking today, being the second day this year now that they have been able to go outside and play -release a good bit of their pent-up energy along with the sibling rivalry type of hostility that is there, under the surface, and thanks be to the higher powers they both seem to appreciate each other a bit. Miracles do happen, don't they?

As often happens on Wednesday afternoons, Kurt's TSS, Miss Dawn, is here for a little added time to work with him and she is outside playing with/supervising both kids a bit to keep the law and order atmosphere going. All is well until she discovers Maya has found some earthworms and was carrying them into the house where she was depositing them in the little six-pack cooler sitting out in the front porch!

Oh wonnerful, wonnerful, ya know! She tried that last night when she carted a worm tucked into the palm of her hand into the house and plunked her butt down on the sofa to admire her catch!

I am NOT a big fan of earth worms. Did I ever mention that before? Well, if not, I'm telling that truth now cause I don't particularly care for any type of thing that strikes me as resembling even if only very slightly of a snake! (I also do not like spiders or other creepy-crawly creature either!) Fact of the matter is I don't just dislike them I am also more than a bit afraid of 'em too but that's a fear I don't want the kids to know about too! I remember all too well what my kids and their dad used to love to torment me with once he and they discovered I was more than a bit afraid of toads too, many, many years ago. I really don't want, really don't need, kids chasing me around the place carrying worms, spider or heaven forbid, toads or who knows, maybe even non-poisonous snakes at some future juncture!

Fortunately though, Mandy has pretty much the same attitude as mine when it comes to these creatures and she let fly with the riot act on Maya about bringing worms into the house which she said, in no uncertain terms, was ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN!

Thank goodness for that small favor!

Well, judging by the sounds coming in via the front door, the truce must have come to an end because I hear one little boy whining and crying and his mother telling him "You better go SIT DOWN!"

All good things do seem to come to an end, don't they?

But at least we had over an hour's worth of peaceful playtime today and that's really a positive sign for a change!

Here's hoping things go worm free and I don't knock any more stuff that I really don't want to lose over and down the drain too!


CiCi said...

This was a good warning for me to close the drain when I am doing makeup. I have dropped a couple things lately and got to them in time so they didn't go down the drain. Sorry you lost your favorite lipstick. There must be a lesson we are supposed to learn when we lose the one thing we like better than the others.

terri said...

Guess you have to take what you can get and if I remember those days... an hour of peaceful playtime was sometimes a huge blessing!