Friday, March 16, 2012


A very good and old, old friend of mine called me the other day. She and I worked together when I was employed down in D.C. many moons ago and we have stayed friends even though I moved back to Pennsylvania from there in 1972 -40 years ago this coming August.

She's now retired too and moved back to her hometown in West Virginia because her family still lives there. She and I share fairly similar backgrounds, overall but the best part is the fact of our friendship that has lasted all this time. Even though we don't call each other and talk frequently, when we do, it's almost like we've never been apart as our minds run in very much the same channels.

However, the big difference between us today is that she not only collects social security (as I do) but she also rose high enough in the ranks of our former mutual employer that she had a very good salary (also a very responsible position too) and she also was able to get a darned good pension then too when she retired.

So, she has a few more bucks floating around to play with, I suppose you could say, than I do.

As a result of that extra income occasionally she will tell me about things that she "plays with" pertaining to her money.

Her latest bit is that she is into coins and as such, she likes to buy gold coins!  I, on the other hand, would be much more inclined into trying to figure out a way to sell those things and collect the cash value I suppose! She's not a big purchaser of this stuff but just enough to dip her toes into the water, ya know. She's always been a pretty cautious individual where her money was concerned -not frugal -just not a spendthrift -so I don't worry about her getting burned from her little investments here and there and as long as she has the extra money to do that and enjoys it too, what harm is there in that anyway?

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terri said...

Sounds like your friend was very fortunate to have spent enough time with your former employer to enjoy a comfortable retirement. And as such, I guess she's earned the right to "play" with her money a bit!