Monday, March 19, 2012

Shared Pains

Mandy has always had issues with headaches -especially migraines -and I've been the lucky one here who has managed to escape them. Now that's something that makes me feel truly blessed especially when I see how miserable and sick she is when she gets one of those kind of headaches.

She's had several different types of prescriptions to take for these headaches -some which help a little bit for a while, others which seem to have no redeeming qualities at all and do nothing to stem the pain. This spring though she's developed a bit of a problem though that I can relate to in that we're both dealing with sinus issues but hers seem to affect her throat as well as her sinus (runny nose mainly) and mine are giving me headaches that I wake up with in the morning, behind my upper cheek and eye area as I'm just plain all stuffed up then!

She read something about taking some kind of Migraine Botox to alleviate the problems but I'm not sure I understand how the heck this would work in this context. Anyone ever tried anything like this?

I keep telling her that once the pollen issues begin to settle back to normal again, this stuff will be history for us. A nice hot, steam-filled shower sometimes works better than anything to loosen up the old sinus cavities a bit and the added benefit there is the hot water also soothes the shoulder and neck muscles and helps to loosen them up a tad too.

Plus -no prescriptions, no doctor fees -and a nice refreshing feeling overall -my kind of healing qualities for sure!

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