Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Days -In a Row!

So, I was off to a good start this week as I tried to get myself back on track in the daily walks department. Yesterday was beautiful, so was today and I was a good girl and took Sammy for a walk both days.

Unfortunately, based on the weather forecasts I've heard thus far today pertaining to Wednesday's weather, it doesn't look all that promising that I can make it three days straight of walking though. Supposed to be a bit on the nasty side tomorrow -wintry mix kind of weather from what I understand. Yucky, yucky! I don't like to walk in the cold rain and certainly not in sleet or freezing rain and neither does Sammy for that matter.

I did something else today too that I haven't done in quite sometime when going for a walk. I took my camera along -just in case.

Here's the pictures I took today -nothing spectacular, just things that interested me.

This is a shot of a branch on a pine tree located a couple houses up the street from my place. What caught my eye there was that the branches -all of 'em really -were just loaded to the gills with these tiny little (and really pretty too) pine cones!

This is one of the big old pine trees in front of my next door neighbor's place. What caught my eye there was not a proliferation of pine cones, but just a couple hanging in the upper limits of the tree and they were really large. Quite a difference from the first tree's offerings I photographed.

Some of the flowers already up above ground and in front of my house. These are located directly below the bay window in the living room and adjacent to the pipe that goes into the fuel tank, hence the funnel laying on the ground, ready and waiting for action in case we should run out of oil and Mandy has to run to the truck stop for an emergency five gallons (or ten) to keep the home a little warm until a delivery truck comes our way. She's had to do that at least twice this winter when we ran out of oil and were out of adequate funds to get a delivery right away. BRRRRR!

Here's a few more flowers that will be in full bloom hopefully within six weeks now! These aren't up as far as the ones above are but I sure do hope that we don't get pelted between now and spring's arrival (soon) by a nasty winter storm that could zap in and kill these posies before they even have a chance of showing off their finery.

Seeing these green sprouts and also the dead branches laying on the ground is a good reminder for me that I really need to do some cleaning out of this little bitty flower bed in front of the house.

My Grandpa would be appalled were he around to see that it so grubby kind of looking -for lack of a better description here. My cousin Ray -who is an avid gardener of the floral varieties at his home in Indianapolis and who, unlike me, evidently inherited the talents our grandfather had with respect to gardening -probably would be giving me the evil eye and the "Tsk, Tsk" were he to see this dismal sight too.

Hopefully, I'll get on the stick, round up a little energy some day soon, and start getting the flower bed ready to grow some pretty daffodils (or crocus), tulips and iris and then, get some seeds started for some other flowers to put in there and dress the bed up a tad more -maybe!

Yeah, I know. Good luck with that when you're operating with two black thumbs!


Sandi McBride said...

I like pine trees especially Christmas pines...I like to climb up to the top and wait for someone to call the Fire Dept to get me down. I like the flowers and don't think they look grubby at all. I thought I saw a mouse in that field though, you should tell your Pearl, I'll bet she would catch him for you. I worry you are cold, please put on a warm sweater.
Caroline from One Cat Shy of Crazy

Dianne said...

I like your photos
the trees are pretty
I walk around the back yard if I can't get going down the road or if I feel I won't be able to make it both ways

terri said...

It looks so Springy there with all that sunshine and new growth. I hope you aren't getting the storm that just passed through here. We had a night of rain, which froze, and then a dumping of snow on top of it. Made for some interesting driving today!

Maggie May said...

Its lovely to see little shoots coming out of the ground.
I like taking photos of things that take my fancy and I like looking at the things that do the same for you.
The orange funnel adds interest!
Maggie X

Nuts in May