Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out on a Limb?

Once in a while, I venture forth here with some opinions, some thoughts that run through my mind from time to time, that may deal a tad with things that are currently in the news. Not often that I do that, but tonight -well, brace yourself, because I am going to take a short stab at an issue that really annoys me!

Unless you have your head in the sand -like the old ostrich -I'm sure we're all more than well aware that this is an election year and there are all kinds of debates ongoing -over and over, ad nauseum to be honest -about the government, health insurance, women's rights with respect to insurance and such.

And those people campaigning for our votes are really -in my opinion -very biased against women and their health rights with respect to insurance, what it should or should not pay for, that is.

My question to any of these politicians, regardless of what party they represent is why do they believe it is fair that women can not get birth control items (pills, etc) or other things that cover this type of things covered by insurance on the guise that it is not really a health issue and yet, insurance will cover things like male enhancement products -like enlarge maxx -which to my understanding is not exactly something that is really health related, is it?

Think about that now and think carefully too -would a man's health be endangered if he didn't or couldn't have access to a product like that?

Now, and again, think very carefully here now too -the aspect of getting pregnant, to my knowledge, my way of thinking (having been there 3 times in my lifetime though fortunately with no complications) does bring with it the potential for serious health issues for a lot of women. And also, birth control products also are used to treat various other health conditions besides preventing pregnancy too so doesn't make that type of product one that is just as important to be affordable, covered by insurance, just like getting a prescription for an antibiotic is handled via insurance?

And if men have the right to get these products for enhancement covered by insurance -which is not exactly a medical problem is it -then why don't women have the right to have access to needed health related things being covered by insurance too?

Just some thoughts there, folks. Nothing more except that after all, fair for one is fair for all, isn't it?

And that's that!

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Suldog said...

I don't believe that anything should automatically be included in insurance coverage, whether sexual or otherwise. Everything should be a checkbox, and if you want to add it then you can pay a bit more for it.

(I'm talking private insurance. Insofar as insurance from an employer, that should be up to the employer.)

In general, though, I'm all for birth control. It makes sex so much less stressful :-)