Monday, March 19, 2012

Tough Nut to Crack!

Holy Rip!

That's one of my (many) favorite expressions and also, one of not too many of those things that is also safe to use in mixed company too. Yeah, I do tend -frequently -to have a bit of a potty mouth I guess it's safe to say. I won't go into details here and now about what some of my really favorite expressions are but Holy Rip is one I do use a good bit.

But, recently when I purchased some books online and the package arrived here at the house, I was saying this above expression a lot more than I usually would do -mainly because the strapping tape used on the package was so strong it seemed like it was of the most heavy-duty stuff imaginable and I had one heck of a hard time getting it off the package to open the darned thing!

You'd have sworn they were sending me a gold bar from Fort Knox and had it wrapped in something that would almost need a stick of dynamite to break it loose! Kind of like when you get prescriptions filled and the pharmacists put them in those darned child-proof containers that only a child can open because adults sure as Hell can't get 'em to budge some times!

Next time I order books online from that company I'm going to make sure to have a crowbar on hand to use as leverage in trying to open my package!

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