Saturday, March 31, 2012

Future Athlete or Dancer?

Maya's been really on a roll, big time, lately -watching all kinds of videos on YouTube and studying the movements the singer or dancers on those videos make. She really does a pretty good job, on her own, too then in imitating the moves, as well as memorizing a whole lot of the songs she listens to then as well.

One of these days, when she's really whizzing around the living room, trying to do all the bends and kicks and who knows what else, I'll have to remember to get out my camera and do some short videos of her. (Just so I can prove to anyone reading this that I'm not fibbing about my granddaughter!)

Watching her tonight -as I was treated to almost 2 solid hours of her videos, music and dancing, overflowing and creating hearing problems for me as I was trying to watch some television programs I was interested in, I got to thinking about a few other things too pertaining to her and her dancing as well as her interests too in other things -sports related, like soccer right now and who knows what she might develop a penchant for in the future too.

One of her therapists remarked the other day about how good she is, with no mentor, no actual training, that perhaps she would enjoy, maybe even do well with some type of gymnastics type program. She said she thinks the YMCA in town offers a gymnastics program and maybe even has a special one during the summer that we might want to look into signing her up for something like that.

Britt's suggestions, watching Maya tonight too, got me to thinking of other things that might be something that would possibly help her too. I was thinking perhaps something like yoga mats would be a good thing for her to have something like that to use when doing various warm-up type exercises or heck, maybe even for the workouts she gives herself while trying to emulate the dancers on these videos.

Who knows? Maybe we have a budding little gymnast or perhaps a future dance talent on our hands?

Time will tell I guess, won't it?

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