Thursday, October 13, 2011

Warding Off Frostbite!

Did I mention to you before that a week ago this past Sunday we had an unwelcome visitor here? Not just us in this house, but the whole community was greeted that Sunday morning with this white blanket on the ground, that fluffy stuff that a lot of people profess to absolutely LOVE and which I'd be among the first to say it's definitely NOT my favorite thing to see on the ground, especially not as early as October 2nd!

Yeah, we had a snowfall that covered the ground. Granted it only amounted to 1.2 inches of the stuff but this early in the year and as much of a cold snap we had that weekend as well as two weeks earlier when my cousin had come up from warm, very sunny, extremely dry, Texas for her class reunion, Mandy and I were really beginning then to worry about what the heck to expect later this year and in January and February in the way of snowfall and cold temperatures.

Our big worry here of course is how in blazes are we gonna be able to afford to purchase fuel oil to feed the furnace and keep our fannies comfy cozy and warm. Considering how low the temps can sometimes go around here -not quite as low as the folks up in Minnesota or North Dakota generally have to deal with -but low enough, well below zero anyway, and that's when I got to thinking maybe we should invest in some carhartt pants to wear both outside when we have to leave the place and inside, to save burning as much fuel as possible and still stay warm, ya know.

This whole fuel oil situation really irritates me very much though as we had been told last year that this year, we could get on the fuel delivery company's "budget" plan whereby we would pay x-number of (big) bucks per month, rather than having to shell out cold, hard cash on the spot for any deliveries we ordered of fuel oil. However, back in late July, early August when we still hadn't received any information about this lovely budget plan and I inquired of the fuel company about it, I was told that we wouldn't be eligible for it because we weren't on the "budget" plan last year!

Lovely! Those dirty rotten lying S.O.B's! The suckers get you by the short hairs, or so it seems, no matter what a person tries to do these days!

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terri said...

That's too bad that you can't get on the budget plan. Doesn't seem fair that the only reason you're ineligible is because you weren't on the plan last year!

Carhartt pants might just be your answer. We actually bought some for Brad's girlfriend last year for Christmas. She wanted them for hunting and ice fishing trips she does with my son!