Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fire Extinguisher, Please!!!

So, I cooked supper tonight.

I sliced up a package of smoked Polish sausages, cooked a little over a dozen pierogies, thawed a bag of homemade applesauce I'd cooked up a couple weeks ago and then to all of that, I also cooked up a sauce for over the pierogies.

Nothing really unusual about that meal as the kids will eat the sausage fixed that way and they love pierogies too so that part of the meal is a double bonus. Add to that the applesauce -which Maya told me is "Awesome good, Gram!" and I figured a nice sauce with sauted onions, green peppers, a little bit of fresh tomatoes thickly sliced and cooked in with that sauce, plus some sliced mushrooms would be even better if I added in a can of chipotle peppers to the mix.

Well, it was a good idea -sort of. However, judging by the way the aroma of the sauce simmering was working on my sinus, I knew not to even think of trying to get the kids to touch this stuff. I even warned Mandy to be very cautious with the sauce too because it was, yes, HOT!

Although Mandy and I both ate some of the sauce over our pierogies and it was good, she also said it felt like her lips and tongue were all numb! The back of my throat was burning -almost made me think of way, way back when I was much more daring than I am today and a bunch of us from the place where I worked in D.C. had gone out drinking after work to celebrate our boss's birthday and we got the bright notion that all of us -males and females alike -would take our celebration up a notch by smoking Montecristo cigars!  We started that idea off by experimenting with a cigarillo or a tiparillo cigar and then some wise acre in the group whipped out one of these other cigars and we all had to try that then too!

Not one of my finer moves back in my younger years for sure but the sensation in the back of my throat tonight after eating this killer sauce I'd just concocted reminded me very much of that cigar smoking incident many years ago!

However, now -as my supper is digesting (and surprisingly enough, I have no heartburn) the taste of that sauce is now quite mellow in the back of my mouth! How can that be?

But I'm thinking now since I have a smallish bowl leftover of the sauce that I betcha it would taste pretty darned good to use to cook some nice big chicken breasts in it!

Yep! I think I just solved a menu dilemma for either Thursday or Friday night's supper now and found a way to probably use up a good bit of that leftover sauce then too!

I can't just throw it out, ya know, as doing that would be downright sinful and very, very wasteful of an excellent substance -once you get your throat accustomed to it, that is!

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terri said...

That does sound like a really good meal, especially since I enjoy some "hot" foods now and then. But there's definitely a fine line between "good" hot and "too" hot.