Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dirty Words!

I had a doctor's appointment about two weeks ago -just a general six-month check-up kind of thing with my primary car physician but I had to have blood work done prior to that visit so she could decide if she felt I was going to need a change of meds or additional prescriptions.

The tests were the usual blood tests -one for blood sugar and the other for my cholesterol levels -and I wasn't looking forward to that appointment, not in the least!

The upshot of the blood tests resulted in her putting me on an additional prescription, this one to work on the cholesterol levels, plus she added another pill to the mix too that will work in conjunction with the stuff I've already been taking for my blood pressure as well as to control my blood sugar levels too!

But the bad part of all this is that now I am supposed to work really, really hard on my diet to lower the cholesterol as well as to try to keep the blood sugar balanced with the meds and diet too.

This is no easy task for me. Not. in. the. least!

Life would sure be a heck of a lot easier to deal with if she'd just given me a prescription that might help me a bit -like for some top rated appetite suppressants maybe?

Something like that would make pushing myself away from the table and those good foods -pastas especially, that I really love -wouldn't it?

Right now, to try to curb my food intake to control the sugar plus the cholesterol really only seems to leave me with a diet primarily of lettuce and/or broccoli! Thankfully, I like tossed salads and I love broccoli but I also love a whole hell of a lot of other things!

Why is it that the foods we love almost always turn out to be bad for us? Why does "diet" have to be just another four-letter dirty word anyway?

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