Monday, October 03, 2011

The Heavens Opened....

Judging by the weather we've had around here since -oh about Labor Day or so -and also, feeling the very wet hair on my head now as I type this, I do believe the heavens have opened and the Good Lord apparently forgot to turn off the faucet or has decided to water, all too generously, the eastern part of this country while leaving the southwest in a mega state of wishful thinking for water, any amount, any day soon!

It does seem to me that it has rained at some point in time just about every single day since Labor Day weekend around these hills. I can't speak for everyone around these parts, but I'm pretty darned sure the majority of folks here feel as I do and that is that we are getting darned sick and tired of the wet, gray -very gray -and pretty damned cold days too that we've had delivered to us over the past month now!

Today, about an hour ago, I ventured out with Sammy to walk up to our mail boxes so I could send out two cards -a "get well note" and also, a straight get well card. Good exercise you know for Sammy as well as for me because walking up to the mail boxes gives me about twice the distance Sam and I generally walk here of late. And trust me, I really do need all the walking exercise my old legs and back will permit! Actually, I need a whole hell of a lot more but the legs are showing the aging process, as is my back, and they don't appreciate handling the extra work load apparently because they then ache like toothache by the time I get back home!

But today, when Sam and I left the house, it was gray -yes, nothing new in that -but it was NOT raining. We got about halfway up the road to the mailboxes, when as we were in front of the last house on the hillside, on the left -just before the little wooded area -this dog, about twice the size of Sammy (at least that) came tearing down through the yard there, heading -of course -straight for little old Sam. Sam, as is his manner, greeted this bruiser (I learned later from Mandy that is "Clyde" and he's a two-year-old pit bull) like here was his long-lost, life-long friend who should be met with hugs and kisses! How else would one possibly greet a very friendly pit-bull anyway?

I stopped to let Sam and Clyde do their normal sniffing things and the owner of Clyde had also come down the hill just to be on the safe side I suppose, that things stayed cool, calm and collected between the two dogs.

We, the owner and I, stood there and chit-chatted a good while, as I wasn't in a big hurry to make my way to the mailboxes and then, as we were talking, wouldn't you just know but it started to rain!

Yeah, and there I was totally unprepared to get a full body shower of a rather chilly type too, I might add. I had no umbrella with me, of course. Why in blazes would I want to go walking and take an umbrella along anyway? Who'd a thunk I was gonna get drenched anyway? Obviously, I sure hadn't seen that as a potential in my life today.

Well, with the rain coming down, we said our goodbyes and I made it up to the mailboxes, picked up our mail, dropped my outgoing cards in the slot and Sam and I started heading back to the house. Shortly after passing Clyde's home on our return trip -and as quickly as the shower had come on -the heavens closed up again and we had dry travels then the rest of the way home.

Now as much as I really am not that big a fan of rain, especially not damned near every day for over a month, what we received yesterday morning though was just totally out of line!

Here's what I saw when I went outside about 11 a.m. Sunday morning!

If you look a bit closer at the stuff on the windshield of my little old jeep-buggy, and also, note the little dabbles of white on the grass in the background to the left of this photo, you will see an unmistakable substance there call SNOW!

Yes, we had snow here yesterday! According to the weather reports last evening, there was an accumulation of 1.2 inches -no less -in Philipsburg, the biggest town closest to this little village.

Now all I have to say about that is that it is time to find the shut-off valve on the heavens and stop this nonsense.

Do it NOW, too! Please?


Rick Gleason said...

It poured big time here in the Seattle area yesterday, where we're famous for our rain. Wish i had taken a photo iof the splashes on the pavement as it was coming down at it's worse.

You'd be surprised how many people you see here without umbrellas when it's coming down. It's like it's beneath them to be seen with one, but I always have mine close by (standard equipment this time of the year, if not all year) when the heavens can open up at any time here.

Suldog said...

Snow?!? I think you should ask for a refund, Jeni.

Maggie May said...

Heavens above thats the last thing we need.
Hoping we won't get any of the white stuff for some months.
We had rain today.

Had to smile when I saw your heated comment over at mine! Thanks for leaving it! Lots of strong stuff there and you are obviously made of strong stuff too. I agree that you have to watch who you rub shoulders with.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

It's been raining for two days here in Socal, which is unusual for this early in the year. I'm hoping that means we'll get to skip the 100 degree Santa Ana winds, which usually usher in our fire season. Of course, because it's been a rainy year anyway, there's more vegetation, which will cause bigger fires. It's always something, isn't it?

terri said...

SNOW??? What the heck? It's way too early for that! Here in MN, we've had a week of 80 degree temps. Very un-fall-like, not that I'm complaining. I know the cold and snow will be here soon enough and will overstay their welcome.