Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Deep Hole!

Sometimes, things happen around here that maybe seemed to be a good idea at the onset but then, later on, turn out to be not so great.

Most often these "brilliant" ideas are schemes that have suddenly run through the minds of a certain almost 8-year-old and her not to sharp on these occasions, little brother.

Two nights ago, evidence was discovered when Mandy took Kurtis up to go to bed that one of those not so bright moves had been performed on the wall of Kurt's bedroom-some fancy artwork -all done in markers, no less!

Needless to say, Mandy was far from pleased with their designs. She came downstairs and proceeded to perform a bit of the riot act -anyone who has children is probably familiar with what that means -and she informed Miss Maya that she would be assisting her brother on Wednesday afternoon, when they both got home from school, with cleaning those markings off his bedroom wall.

At one point, Mandy asked Maya what had ever possessed her to do that anyway to which Maya had -of course -tried to place all the blame on Kurtis, saying that it was all his idea. Then Mandy asked Maya why she hadn't tried to talk him out of that, why she had let him lead her astray since she -we thought -understood by now that the ground rules in this house do NOT include freeform art work, done with markers, on any walls, much less their own bedroom walls. As Mandy was commenting to Maya about how she should have known better, that she knows the rules, etc., she was walking away from Maya, towards the kitchen.

It was then that Maya meekly put her head down and I heard her mutter to herself, "I wasn't aware that was part of the rules."

Kids! I know, ya gotta love 'em but dang, sometimes don't you just wish you had some kind of device - some kind of metal blanks that you could have embossed with a warning type insignia or some such, and have that then kind of branded on the kids forearm or hand or someplace that it would/could serve then as a warning/reminder to the child to DO. NOT.DO. THIS!

Just a thought there ya know as I wish I could come up with a solution to ward off any future events that add new but very unwanted trimmings to the old house!

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terri said...

I remember being a kid and thinking how great it would be to create a mural on one of the walls in the house. I never actually went through with it though.

I'm sure this stunt was beyond frustrating, but it's going to make for a great story a few years down the road!