Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heat It Up!

I think it's going to be a long, hard winter ahead!

I've got not scientific reasoning behind that statement other than the price of fuel oil is still ridiculously high and Mandy's going to be cracking the whip around here to keep the temperature in the house as low as possible without freezing icicles off our noses. All of which points to the fact that my bedroom -which is the coldest room in the house too, I must add -I share with Miss Maya, my granddaughter.

Granted we have several nice heavy quilts to cover up with when we go to bed, but it's just that initial shock of crawling into a cold, cold bed that gets to me. Don't like that feeling one bit!

A friend of mine suggested that I get a nice heated blanket for one of our covers and that would keep Maya and me all snuggly warm while we sleep.  And you know, that is a nice thought alright. However, I think I'd rather have a heated mattress pad that would provide some really nice warmth along those creaky old bones in my back and maybe keep a few of the joints and limbs from being so stiff and sore when I get up and try to begin moving around.

Then again, maybe that wouldn't be that great an idea either though as nice and comfy as I think that would possibly be, I might never want to get up and out of bed again!


terri said...

Heated blankets are nice and I'm sure a heated mattress pad is too. I really like my down comforter, but it is difficult to talk myself into getting out from under it on cold mornings!

Suldog said...

If you get an electric blanket, you could turn it on ten minutes or so before actually getting into bed and it will also heat the mattress beneath it. That's a possibility.