Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lost Things; Found Things!

Strange things happening here this evening!

Beginning with earlier in the day -late afternoon, it was -and I went into the bathroom where, what did I find but a sight I am still not sure of what was going on there but there was Kurtis, standing by the commode, holding a hand towel and one whole end of said towel was dripping wet!

Although I did ask him initially what he was doing with that towel, I didn't get a real answer from him on that question. I did however then ask him if he had that towel in the commode and he did answer that question with a somewhat meek "yes."

At that point, I grabbed the towel from him and tossed it into the dirty clothes pile. I asked no further questions as to why he had the towel and had been, obviously, dipping it in the commode water mainly because I was a bit afraid of what his answer to that question might have been.

It is true you know -especially with small children -that the less you know, the better!

Shortly after that episode, I decided I'd best run up to the grocery store and get another package of the generic cold tablets to try to alleviate some of my head-sinus-nasal misery (stop the flow as it were, ya know) and also, to pick up some milk too since we didn't have enough milk in the house to last the night out if Kurtis should happen to have a night consisting of several wake-ups which only some chocolate milk can possibly sooth him back to sleep. So off I went.

Enroute, it dawned on me that it probably would be a wise idea if I would also pick up another container of tooth powder glue -that is, figuring on the off chance I might want to eat supper, I'd probably need to replenish my supply of that product.

I was actually quite well-behaved, spending wise, at the store as I got the items I had on my mind to purchase and only splurged on two other things. First I got a nice bag of fresh oranges because my mind said "Oh, oranges! Vitamin C! Good to have to deal with head colds! Buy it! And after that, I saw the store also had 10-pound bags of onions on sale -nice sized onions, not huge, just nice sized -and although we weren't in dire need of onions, I figured at that price, 10 pounds for $3.99, compared to the prices I've been paying of 2-pounds for a whopping $1.89 -well, I could easily store this many onions in a cool area of the cellar and they would keep nicely there until I needed them and it just made me feel much better knowing I was only paying 39 cents a pound for those babies, compared to the usual price of 95 cents per pound!

Back at home, I emptied the bags of my few purchases and began to finish fixing supper. About mid-way into the cooking routine, I thought about that packet of cold tablets I'd bought and that perhaps it would be a good idea if I open that and took one of those capsules. Sounded like a good game plan in my mind anyway.

And, in theory it was a good plan but there was just one small problem with doing that.

I couldn't find where I'd put the container of tooth powder and the package of cold tablets!!!

While supper cooked, I hunted all over the kitchen, in the dining room, in the living room too but to no avail. Couldn't locate those two items! Periodically, after supper, I would go on another search and destroy mission, checking out all my potential hiding places -you know, those areas where in a hurry you will stash something just to put it up so you will know later where you have it -and still, no luck in finding those damned things!

By 8 p.m. I asked Ken to do a walk-around the kitchen, dining room, living room too figuring maybe a fresh set of eyes --not ones that are all red and blurred from the ravages of a head cold -maybe those items would just sort of "jump out" at him and they'd be found. But that plan didn't reveal any wayward cold tablets or tooth powder either!

By 9 p.m. I was really getting very frustrated, very confused too, as to where on earth I could possibly have placed the darned things so I decided to sit down at the old computer and write a little post here about my searching skills that I also seemed to have misplaced too. As I sat down, and glanced up at the monitor, something caught my eye!

There, behind the monitor, sitting neatly stacked on a stack of floppy discs which in turn were neatly placed atop a couple cookbooks from my time for over two months of typing in recipe after recipes for our cookbook project, there were those two items I'd spent by then well over 4 hours searching for the darned things!

So, thankfully now, the mystery of the missing tooth powder and the cold tablets has been solved! Much to my relief, I must add!

And it reminded me of how, years back when my ex and I were still married and the kids were pretty small, I was always putting things "up" -the higher up the better to keep little fingers from getting into whatever things I felt I needed to keep away from them, and my logic then was that I was putting these things up so that I would then know where I had 'em when I actually would need them.

And to that logic my ex would say, "Well, let me know two years from now where the hell they were when you do find 'em!"


terri said...

I do stuff like that ALL the time! I bring something upstairs from downstairs and lose it. I bring things from one room to another and lose them. And I can't even use the excuse of little kids! Glad you found your stuff!

Maggie May said...

I thought you were going to say that Kurtis had put them down the toilet!
I'm afraid that my curious nature would have demanded to know what he was doing with that towel...... cos he might try it again!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I put things away someplace I'm sure to find it, then can't. Or when I make a mental note about something then lose the note. Over the weekend, I "lost" my money clip (a sentimental keepsake from my daughter) twice, only to find it where I'd put it, once on my dresser and once in the glove box of my car. Sometimes age sucks.