Monday, October 31, 2011

Some new things!

I've been so engrossed in so many things the past couple of months that I kept putting off taking some pictures of some of my favorite stuff -things I've finished embroidering!

I have an album on my Facebook page that had about 9 items in it that I had embroidered between April and June but since then, although I have done a few things along those lines, I just kept procrastinating taking photos of the stuff and posting it here on my blog.

But tonight -I finally broke down and got pictures taken of all the rest of the stuff I've completed since June through tonight!

So, if you're ready -here goes with a string of pictures for your viewing pleasure -or at least I hope it's a pleasure for you to take a peek at these items. Some of these things will go this weekend to our church for sale at the crafts table at our annual Fall Bazaar while the rest will be here at the house, waiting patiently for someone to come along and decide they really like, really need this or that particular item!

 This first item -and the last item shown in this listing -is a tablerunner -about 44x14 inches. My apologies in that my background on these two pictures and two other pictures of another tablerunner doesn't do much in the way of showing the design very well because I have a red table cover on my dining room table right now. Oh well, such is my luck, ya know -and timing too! LOL

 This is the second tablerunner -Christmas floral design -and also is about 44x14 inches in size.

 The next three items -six or seven photos though -are each tabletoppers -about 32x32 inches in dimension. All are done in cross stitch. The first one is really a very pretty, rather dainty floral display.

 This one I really thought was cute and I liked it much better than a similar Christmas tree tabletopper I did last year -because this one the trees are smaller and the colors are more muted -makes for a very pretty cloth.

 Here's candles and tree ornaments shown with an evergreen spray background -also 32x32 inches.

 Next up -Terry cloth hand towel sets -here's some strawberries for a cheery little towel.
 Maybe some pretty little lavender colored flowers?
 Like cats? How about a pair of 'em?
 A pretty Christmas wreath to trim your kitchen maybe?
 O how about some holly berries too?
 Angels -always a great thing to have hanging around your house!
 And this is a set of three terry cloth hand towels each in a different Christmas design.
 Want a neat pillowcase on which to rest your weary head and have some whimsical dreams on whimsical pillowcases then?
 And, finally -the full view of the Christmas church in snow scene of the first photo at the top!

And that's what I've been doing this summer in addition to spending roughly two months that I normally would have been doing other embroidery projects but I took that break in order to compile the cookbook for our church women's group!

And surprise, surprise -our cookbooks arrived today and so I even have a photo or two that I can share here -in a "Sneak preview" of the cookbook we will be selling starting this Saturday at our Fall Bazaar at our church (at Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lanse, PA -starting at 11 a.m. Saturday, November 5, 2012!) The cookbook sells for $12.00 per book and shipping charges run an additional $4.95 for 1 book -multiple orders have a higher price of course, for shipping but it also reduces the per book price too. (A package of 2-4 books will cost $10.95 shipping and a box of 5 or  6 cookbooks will cost $14.95 in shipping fees.) Overall, it really is a decent price though for a great book, full of all kinds of different recipes from old Swedish traditional things to even some great Slovak traditional foods and a whole lot of other stuff in between -to the tune of 586 recipes in all! And I love it! It's gorgeous!

And, here's what the cover to our three-ring binder cookbook looks like too!

If you see anything of the above craft items I have pictured here that you're interested in purchasing, drop me an e-mail and let me know and I'll post prices on items then. Same goes for the cookbook  -so if you would like to order one of them or a bunch of 'em for Christmas gifts or a birthday present or just a nice cookbook for yourself -e-mail me and I'll tell you who to make the check out to (WELCA) and where to send it -to me -and I'll pass the check along to our treasurer and will ship your cookbook out within 1-2 days of receiving the check by first class, priority mail!

And now -I should go to bed but want to try to write yet another post tonight -if I can stay awake that long, that is.

On second thought -I think I'll go to bed!



Suldog said...

Those are absolutely lovely, Jeni! I especially like the first one, with the house and the smoke from the chimney. Very much reminds me of my childhood (although my house looked nothing like that, I mean the style of the work reminds me of the type of decorations I saw at relative's houses.)

Travis Cody said...

Isn't it nice to start pulling out the holiday stuff? I think it is!

terri said...

You sure have a talent for embroidery! I especially like the little hand towel sets for the holidays. I have a couple of these for both the kitchen and bathroom and they're a fun way to add a little holiday cheer to those rooms that don't normally get much in the line of holiday decorations.