Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Star!

Yesterday was actually Maya's 8th birthday although we had the party celebration for the big event on Sunday.

She's been totally wound up for some time leading up to Sunday and although we were a bit concerned as to how things would go -because with her and Kurtis too, things can change in a heartbeat, ya know. That worm can really turn at the speed of light and what one second was a fantastic mood and attitude can do a flip faster than all get out.

But thankfully, nothing like that happened at the party and for the most part, things have been relatively smooth for the past two days as well. Oh, a few little snags here and there, but nothing major - no huge meltdowns -and that's always good to be able to have days like that!

Tuesday morning, Miss Maya was all slicked up to go to school in her leopard print skirt, a cream colored top and black shrug over that. To polish off her outfit, she had on the new black boots Momma had found and got her for her birthday so she really did look slick! The only thing she could have added to the mix might have been if she had a pair if Black diamond earrings (tiny post ones, ya know) to really set everything off completely!

Don't believe me? Check out this picture of her and see for yourself!
Monday was a bit of a rough day for Kurtis though. He got home from school and within about 15 minutes after he got home, this is what he was doing.
Yeah, he did a major "Crash and burn" in the recliner but then considering what he'd been doing Sunday night and Monday morning, it's no wonder he was wiped out.

He was up several time during the night Sunday night. One time, he woke up and had a bit of a hissy fit because he needed a Kleenex and insisted on waking Mandy up to tell her that. (She wasn't very impressed by his request.) Then about a hour later, he came downstairs, peeking around the door at the foot of the stairs, he very politely informed me that he was "very, very thirsty" which meant "Gram, go get me a cup of chocolate milk" because ya know, chocolate milk cures everything (or almost) in his book! (That was about 3 a.m. -shortly before I went to bed.)

Then, sometime between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m., I woke up and had to go back to the bathroom. On the way past the staircase, I noticed a couple things laying on the floor at the foot of the steps but didn't pay that much attention to them as I entered the bathroom. But when I came back out, I glanced up the steps and saw there were several different types of things, ranging from some toys, to papers, even some socks and underwear on the steps plus, at the landing at the top of the steps, there was a big box parked right in the middle of the landing filled with clothes hangers and papers and junk! What the heck? Then I heard the pitter-patter of little feet coming down the hall and there was Kurtis, leaning over the handrail with this big silly grin on his face.

I just stood at the foot of the steps and glared at him, watching his smile change to a look of slight alarm as I think it registered to him that maybe the stuff in the box and the things tossed around on the steps hadn't been one of his finest moves. I asked him then what the heck he was doing throwing things around like that and also, why was he up at that hour anyway.

His answer to me was priceless!

"I be house cleaning, Gram!"

Now how in blazes can you stay angry at a comment like that anyway?

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terri said...

You have your own little cleaning fairy! I've always wanted one of those to come in the night and clean house for me! Can you send him my way when he's done there?

What a cutie! No wonder he was so tired after that!