Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Couple of Hams!

Tuesdays are always a wild and crazy day here for us.

For openers, Maya's TSS is usually here to work with her and also, Tuesday is when Miss Randi, the therapist who works with both Maya and Kurtis, is also here. Makes for a lot of activity to say the least with and for the kids! And a lot of fun for Mandy and for me too as both of the therapists are a lot of fun to have around as they work with and observe the kids and also, for the side conversations that often take place between all of us too.

Maya's therapist had picked up a pizza for us for our supper tonight since she would have to drive right past the Pizza Hut on her way here so Mandy ordered it and she delivered it then to us. Mandy had asked Maya what kind of pizza she wanted for her birthday supper (since she had said before leaving for school she wanted pizza for her birthday meal) and she had said she wanted pepperoni pizza but then she added "You better get a cheese pizza too for Kurtis because he doesn't like pepperoni!"

Nice, but also a bit scary when Maya starts showing concern for her little brother and his taste buds though!

So anyway, we had pepperoni pizza which Kurtis promptly picked off the pieces of pepperoni from his slice. Miss Randi tried to get him to eat the pepperoni -just to taste it, try it -so to try to bribe him, they suggested he try it by dipping it in a bit of ranch dressing. (Now, I'm not so sure that I would like pepperoni dipped in ranch dressing but Kurt's tastebuds and mine often don't agree and he seems to at least be willing to do a taste test sometimes if offered some ranch dressing to dip in.) Well he did that and ended up deciding he still didn't want, didn't like pepperoni because in his opinion, it tasted "sour." Go figure!

But today, Miss Randi had brought a treat with her in honor of Maya's birthday. (Boy the celebration of this event just goes on and on, doesn't it?)

Anyway, she had made some homemade chocolate cupcakes and iced them with a really thick, creamy pink frosting. She had used oversized muffin pans so these cupcakes were humungous! They were so large that there was no way to take a bit of the cupcake without getting icing all over your face and mouth in the process as you can see from the pictures of the kids munching on these cupcakes -and Kurtis, being the total clown in the process too!

Don't you think if the kids each had on a pair of Bolle sunglasses they would have really shown off what a couple of hams -future stars, maybe -they are?

They're both definitely ready for clown stardom, in my opinon!

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terri said...

Actually, ranch dressing and pizza are a very popular combination, at least with the teenage/young adult crowd. My kids always get the ranch dressing out when there's pizza to be eaten. I thought it sounded really strange, but tried it and it's quite good!

Those cupcakes look yummy and the kids clearly had fun with them!