Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On a Roll With a Stroll!

Finally I got around to taking Sammy for a walk today!  I have been quite lax -again, or as usual -in doing this but today, the weather is nice albeit it a tad on the gray side but it's not freezing so that qualifies as excellent walking weather to me.

We walked up to check the mail and once again, came back home empty-handed though. Rats! I was really hoping a nice check I've been looking for to arrive would be there but, no luck today. Okay -just play Scarlet O'Hara a bit longer and worry about it all tomorrow then.

However, we didn't come back home completely empty-handed though. I took my camera along and took a couple of snapshots -nothing fancy or anything -of some of the sights along our road here.

These two trees shown above here are two different types of crabapple trees that my good friend and neighbor, Shirley, has in her front yard. I didn't know, until yesterday, what type of trees these were but when I stopped at her place yesterday to show her the latest items I'd completed to add to my embroidery stash, I asked her about them then. They are really so very pretty -and very colorful too -so now I'm wondering if there's any place in my backyard where I could plant a tree like that to enjoy having that as part of my view!

Just a couple doors down from Shirley's place, this pear tree is growing in another neighbor's front yard. I've probably seen this tree there for years and years -and YEARS -and never realized it was a Pear tree! Okay, I don't wear glasses -trifocals, as a matter of fact -for nothing but sheesh, how in blazes could I not have noticed it before? My excuse is not a good one, but it's all I've got and that is that I don't recollect every having seen it bearing any fruit before but boy, this year, that tree is loaded with pears! I have no idea if they are any good or not -and don't know the family well enough to ask if they would mind if I picked some of that fruit either, but maybe I'll just have to get my nerve up and take a chance on that idea. Sounds like a reasonable enough plan to me anyway.

Coming closer to my house, there is this view from the road of the field beside my neighbor Genevieve's house and behind that field, you can see the trees on the back hillside that runs behind all the homes on our street here. This view I do just love though -and especially so at this time of year when the trees are all painted in so many different shades and hues. Such a pretty picture, isn't it?

Almost to my home now there is this view, looking down the street. And once again, so many different colors from reds to oranges, yellows and greens and virtually every shade of the rainbow in between each of those colors too!  The big maple directly in front of my house -not visible in this picture -is now almost completely devoid of any foliage whatsoever. Just a tiny bit of yellow leaves left, hanging on to the branches for dear life, or so it seems. Probably will only take one good gust of wind and they too will be gone, down to the ground, waiting for Mandy and the kids to rake 'em up and build one heck of a good bonfire with them -or what's left of the raked up leaves after Mandy gets through putting a lot of them down on my garden spot to make a bit of cover and fertilizer there and thus, help to replenish the soil a bit.

So there you have it -a view from my street on what appears to be the last nice day now we'll have in a while as the forecasters are calling for rain over the next three days.

Just glad I was able to out and enjoy the warm weather and the pretty sights here along my street today and that I was able also to share those things with you too!

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terri said...

Again, I'm amazed at what a beautiful area you live in. SO pretty!

We have a crabapple tree in our front yard and it is absolutely gorgeous in the spring when it is covered with pink blossoms. Smells good too!