Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Today may have looked for all appearances to be another dull, dreary, on-the-verge-of-rainy day at the onset this morning but by 1 p.m., my entire outlook had changed drastically.

It was almost as if I had some kind of rechargeable batteries and charger within my system that had suddenly kicked in and poof, presto magic, I had been turned into a different person.

Well, the truth to be told here is that something did happen that definitely did recharge my system today and actually even made me somewhat (at least) financially solvent. Well, at least for today I am in that status anyway! By tomorrow, I'll probably be back almost in the hole again but for today, thanks to a lovely little windfall check I'd been praying would hurry up and arrive here, I can actually pay off a couple doctor bills, cover the balance we owe the oil company for the 100 gallons of fuel we got about two weeks ago and even have enough left over then too that I can get the exhaust system on my lovely little old jeep fixed as well!

Awesome, isn't it, the feeling of knowing there are adequate funds, if only for the next day or two probably, at the most, to pay off even a couple smallish bills like that!

Needless to say, I am very ecstatic over receiving this absolutely, beautiful, magnificent check today!

Now if only a check like this would arrive a couple times during the course of a year -that would be nice. If one were to materialize like this every month, better yet still, every week, I would definitely be in seventh heaven for sure!

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terri said...

I'm sure you're in good company with that wish! Most of us would love to get a little extra each month.