Friday, October 14, 2011

Maybe Something New?

I have two new jobs these days now. Neither of them pays a penny but I'm looking forward to how things will turn out with both of them.

One has to do with my high school graduating class and the fact that next year, our class will be having our 50th Class reunion! Hard for me to believe some days that next spring it will be 50 years since the old high school days ended and reality set in for me. And believe me, those years have flown by -like the proverbial "speeding bullet" ya know!

When the girls from my class and I had our regular monthly lunch get-together the end of September, we changed things around a bit and invited some of the guys from our class who also live in this area and who we knew generally are interested in seeing to it that we have a good class reunion every five years. We did this with the intent to get feedback from them as well as the potential of assistance in the planning of our upcoming reunion next year some time.

Some how, Classmate -Carol -and I were selected to be the two chair persons to organize information and try to keep things focused, centered, etc., and with the help from the others at our lunch as well as several who are scattered across this country today but who volunteered to help any way they can, we did come to one decision. Well sort of anyway! Tentatively, we decided to work towards having our reunion on September 8, 2012!

Now, all we have to do next is get information on various places in our region where we could, perhaps, hold our reunion and try to make a decision on that as soon as possible.

I've been working on trying to check out all the addresses we had for our classmates and to verify as to the correctness of everyone's snail mail address, their phone numbers and where possible, get e-mail addresses for them as well. It's been fun for me to do this because it's given me an opportunity to speak with several of my classmates, some whom I haven't seen in darned near 50 years! A couple members of our class are proving more than a tad difficult to locate though and trying to go through the 411 White Pages directory to locate some folks is a bit -to me anyway -like surfing through a free dating online site!  That would be the kind that gives a name that sounds interesting but has no photo for you to get a bit of clarification if it's the best choice ya know.

Right now, I have three girls from our class who I have no current address for any of them! So if per chance anyone reading this post knows someone by the following maiden names and where they are currently living - Gloria Vallimont, Judy Thomas or Genevieve Wirries -please let me know! These three seem to have gone underground as I can't find diddly squat for any of them!

The other "job" if you care to think of it in that vein is that I decided -after a whole lot of hard thinking about this -that I would accept the position to serve as President of our Women's Group at the church where my family and I are members.  Initially, I had begged off taking that post simply because I really wasn't sure I could handle a lot of the tasks involved in that job. I'm not organized at all, very prone to procrastination too (as I have mentioned/admitted to on numerous occasions before in my postings) and I'm also often quite forgetful as well. None of these traits really bode well, in my opinion, to do justice to our Women's Group. But after talking about a lot of my concerns the other night with Pastor Carrie, I thought about this more on my drive home and decided if I could get Mandy to agree to help me keep myself on track -meetings, projects, phone calls needed, and various other things -that maybe I could handle the responsibility of this job after all!

So, here I am and I'm gonna give it a try -my best shot, as it were! So say a whole bunch of prayers for me that I'm able to carry it all off okay!

Next month, on November 5th, our Group will be having our Fall Bazaar which always involves preparation of lasagne, pies, cookies, and such for the meals we will be offering that day plus, getting other donations too of home baked good -especially of the great Swedish breads many of the women of our church are so well known for in this area, along with all kinds of other baked goods, crafted items that people might want to donate for us to sell, homemade candies that are absolutely awesome too for our "Candy Shoppe" we run there and this year, if things work out okay, we will have a lady from an adjacent town and her son coming to demonstrate how they make woven rugs and they hope to be able to set up a table to even sell some of their wares too!

And of course, the big event of the Bazaar this year will be that we will -we should -(we better) have our cookbook by that date and will be able then to begin selling it too then! So if you're interested in purchasing a copy of that cookbook -"A Bountiful Legacy" -(A history of Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Through Food) -please drop me a note either in a comment here or on Facebook or e-mail me and I'll be sure to hold a book back for you. The selling price for this book will be $12.00 and it will be a beautiful hard bound book with a padded, washable cover and 3-ring binder! The sale price does not include shipping charges which I believe will run about $5.00. The book will contain 586 recipes in the standard cookbook categories with a very nice selection of ethnic recipes from the Swedish and Slovak members of our community! It would make for a fantastic gift for anyone who has the least bit of interest in cooking and especially if you know someone who is originally from this area, it would really make for an extra special remembrance gift for them with the selections of ethnic recipes we have garnered for this book!

So that's my two new jobs -both of them for the coming year! I'm looking forward to helping my classmates organize and plan for a really great class reunion next September and also, hopefully being able to fulfill the duties involved in leading our Women's Group forward for the next two years too!

Wish me luck, say plenty of prayers too because my friends, I sure am gonna need 'em!

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