Monday, October 17, 2011

Telling Time?

A couple weeks ago, I saw this item on sale in a recent Avon book and it struck my fancy for several reasons. (Sorry -no photo available.)

It was a neat little wristwatch -available in a choice of three colors -white, black or red -and there was no metal involved in the watchband or the face of the watch! The band is a bit like a wide and sort of thick rubber band which is ideal for me because I have a problem with metals of most any kind used in jewelry in that I am allergic to the stuff and I end up with contact dermititis. So, since my dear daughter here is now also an Avon Lady, I ordered one of these puppies from her!

I really do like this little watch and have no issues being caused to make my wrist break out from any part of it touching my skin since there is NO METAL involved with it. However, one thing about it is a problem for me and that is the buttons on the back of the face that you have to use to set the darned thing are so small that my fat little fingers can't work them properly. As a result, I have to have someone else set the thing for me.

Now, you'd think that when the watch is set, initially, that takes care of the issue but apparently somehow or other, I must have bumped on or both of the buttons that are used to set the time and date while taking the watch off or putting it back on because now, those things are all messed up and I can't get it reset!

Bummer! At least I'm hoping that's all that is wrong with it! When Maya's TSS, Miss Britt, returns here this week to work with Maya, I'll have her try to reset the thing again for me as she's the one who figured out how to work with those buttons in the first place and she has a lot more finger dexterity than I do to work with it too.

It that doesn't work though maybe I'll have to consider looking at some other brands to see if anyone else carries something in a material like this that I could get and be able to wear and use without it causing me to itch like crazy then!

Ah, the silly trials and tribulations of life with these darned little allergies, ya know!


Maggie May said...

Oh dear. Wasn't there a booklet with it?
I used to have one of those types of button operated watches and I think one button was for the hour and the other for the date. Play around with it a bit. If you still can't get it to go then you'll have to get one of the grown up children to look at it. Your daughter perhaps?
Hope it gets fixed soon.
Sounds ideal apart from that. Like the idea of the rubber.
I'm fine with silver or gold but not the cheaper metals. They really irritate,
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

Allergies are real nuisances all right. I don't wear a watch most times, maybe twice a year if that these days. Hope the new watch works out for you since you have to know the time with all your family happenings.

Deb said...

Hello !

Long time since I have entered the world of blogs but I truly have missed all my blogging friends ! I understand the frustration with little buttons. I have some bracelets/necklaces that I can't wear if no one is around to help me with the clasps.

Take care !