Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Around the Bend!

It's coming, folks! Just around the bend, the next corner, breathing hard down on us!

What's coming, you ask?


Don't bother asking me if I'm impressed because, well I'm not!  However, I don't have much choice in the matter but to sit back and accept whatever it may be that Mother Nature decides to drop on us, do I?

The weather forecast tonight was down right depressing -from my point of view anyway. Seems the forecasters think there's a darned good possibility that we may see some of the lovely white stuff arriving tomorrow night or by Thursday some time. No word on how much there will be so I'm hoping if we do get some snow it will be like what we had on Sunday, October 2nd, when we got a little over an inch of snow on the ground.

But I know too there are folks around this neck of the woods that will be wanting to get ready for the outdoor snow fun-activities they enjoy -cleaning off the ice skates, polishing up the Black Diamond Z-poles, tuning up the sno-mobiles and such.

To that I say, knock yourself out.

All I care about is where the heck our snow shovel might be hiding! And, hoping too that Ken's snow plow holds up fine and dandy once again too!


Maggie May said...

Just popping over to see what was round the bend!
Winter & snow and shovels and the like....... far too early!
I can hardly bear the thought of it.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suldog said...

Oh, I was just thinking of shoveling, last night, and dreading it. Ugh.

terri said...

Someone already asked me if I've started my Christmas shopping. I'm not ready for winter or thoughts of the holidays just yet. No thanks.

Rick Gleason said...

I hate winter. Don't miss the east because of it. Gets bad enough here in the Pacific Northwest.

Oh well...