Thursday, October 06, 2011

Brain Farts? Maybe Facebook Ones!

Boy, if I thought I was confused, having major brain dead issues or just simple little brain farts before, they don't hold a candle to the confusion in my pea brain today!

About two weeks ago, I started to receive occasional e-mails sent to my primary e-mail account by me!

Yeah, you read that correctly! It seems I was sending e-mail from my yahoo e-mail address -which I rarely ever use -to my primary e-mail account so I figured, Hey -I've just had my yahoo e-mail account hacked!

And guess what? I was right! Wow -I figured that out all by myself! So I took some steps to change some things and thought things were all okay. That is, until this morning I thought things were okay.

I logged into that lovely Yahoo account after a friend on Facebook who is also a friend in a yahoo geneology group I belong to sent me a message about getting a message from me -from my yahoo e-mail addy and so I went over there and checked things out again.

That's how I came to discover that I had 4 friend requests sitting there for my Facebook account!

Now how in blazes -or why -did those requests go to my yahoo e-mail anyway? To my knowledge, I have never listed my yahoo e-mail address anywhere on Facebook so how/why did that happen?

I went through and organized my yahoo group messages and tried then to get the Facebook friending issue resolved but that merely ended up with things getting really weird then -in my mind -with Facebook as it appears now that I have a second facebook account that I can log into via my yahoo e-mail but it doesn't have all my friends showing up there that I see when I log into Facebook using my primary e-mail address!

Remember that old TV sitcom from years back -Welcome Back Kotter -and Vinny Barbarino putting his hands up to his face and exclaiming "I'm so confused!!!"? Well, that would be me right about now with all this crapola now between Yahoo and my primary e-mail addresses and the appearance -or so it seems -of my having to facebook accounts!

Hells Bells! I can't manage to keep track of one facebook account and have any degree of understanding of what's going on there what with all the changes Facebook itself seems to be making, like every other hour lately, much less taking on a second facebook account!

My abilities are severely limited at best to begin with so however this all came about, someone please explain this to me and tell me how to go about getting this all consolidated into just ONE area, please!

Now, to add to my confused state of mind, there are a few other things I want to tell you about too!

First off, our phone here in the house has been giving me royal fits for quite some time now. I already have some issues with my hearing, as my kids will attest to (they say it is selective hearing that is my problem but I contend it's them, not me who has selective hearing problems). However, the main house phone here is a cordless unit which, when a call comes in on it, frequently I can barely make out what the caller is saying! They tend to sound like they are calling from 5 million miles away from me, in a cavern or some such and I get really frustrated then when I answer the phone on my phone. This doesn't happen with incoming (or outgoing either) calls to my daughter, Mandy's number, which is a wall unit as well as it has a cordless phone to it too.

The lousy reception on my phone has been something of a thorn in my side, a major bone of contention too between my older daughter and myself as I would often be asking her to repeat what she was saying to me and she would get very snippy with me and irritated, and then yell at me over the phone when sometimes, I might be able to hear her but due to the damned phone reception, her words would come through somewhat garbled. No matter what I tried to do with the headset on my phone here, to try to increase the volume, it wouldn't do that!

So last week, I decided to check out pricings on another phone here. I couldn't purchase any the day I was over at Walmart looking at the phone selections because at that point in time, it would have cost me a bunch more than their sale prices since I knew I didn't have adequate funds available in my checking account so I just looked over the units and told Mandy that I was planning on getting a new phone here for on the desk for my phone line after I got my check this month!

Well, yesterday I had a visitor -my son's girlfriend and her little boy stopped by the house and little Ryan (who  just turned 3 years old about 2 weeks ago) came in and handed me a smallish box and said "Here! Happy Birthday, Grammy J!"

Okay -it will be my birthday this coming Saturday so that's why he was giving me this box, you see.

I opened it and there inside -a nifty little gadget that all three of my kids and probably just about everyone else I know too have all, already had for several years now -a cellphone! My present from my son and Elizabeth and Ryan! Pretty neat, huh?

Elizabeth had taken the necessary steps to get this cellphone for me through "Safelink" -which I understand is a program whereby you can get a cellphone according to her, for free! I'm not sure what the requirements are to get this item in that manner but anyway, it comes with 120 minutes loaded into it and it renews those minutes every month too!

She said the reason they got this for me was so that when I go out anywhere, I can take it with me and that way, if my vehicle should break down, or I run out of gas -or also, get lost somewhere -then I can pick up this handy-dandy little cellphone and reach out and touch someone to come to my rescue!  Yeah -the bit about the if I should "get lost" probably is what really triggered my son and Elizabeth into getting this phone for me since it was my son who was left out in the boondocks, in the rain, about two weeks ago when I was enroute to pick him up and ended up getting myself majorly lost up in the southwestern portion of our lovely county!

Well that, plus the fact that the gas gauge on my jeep doesn't work properly so you have to keep track of how much gas may be in the tank using the trip meter and remembering to reset it each time you put any gas in the tank, to make a mental note of how many gallons you put in and calculate then -mentally -how many miles you can probably safely go on that amount of gas too! This probably was embedded in Elizabeth's mind after she ran out of gas early one morning last winter while using my Jeep, in a really cold, snow and rain mixture on the interstate and ended up walking two miles to the exit ramp to try to phone someone here to come pick her up! (Yeah, that was one heck of a mess that morning and she's darned lucky she didn't have any issues with frostbite as a result of that walk too!)

So now, I have the also confusion producing thing here to figure out how to load phone numbers into this little cellphone and also, how to charge it up and keep it charged along with the general basics of simply how to operate the darned thing!

Don't get me wrong here now as I do appreciate their thoughtfulness in getting this phone for me and it is all registered and set up and ready to use -as soon as I am ready to try to use it. Thankfully, it doesn't have all the accoutrements that the cellphones my kids have on their cellphones -the internet, texting, a camera, etc. Okay -this one does have texting but I haven't a clue as to how to go about doing that plus, texting would tend to use my minutes up before I would know what the hell hit me so I just need to learn a tiny bit about how to operate this phone in that capacity and I think I should be okay there then. Agreed?

Now, if only this cellphone would have the capability of keeping me from getting off base, off target in my conversations, my postings to my blog, to my life in general, then it would definitely fulfill the function Clate and Elizabeth were thinking about when they figured this would help me in case I ever get lost again! Yep! Good luck trying to keep me from getting lost in my train of thoughts, ya know!

And, now -to move on to yet another area that is guaranteed to put more than a tad more confusion into my life over the coming two years at least and that would be taking on the responsibilities of being President of our Women's Group (WELCA) at our church! The lady who has been president of said group for the past two years now (and of which I had  been willing to serve as Vice President) has tendered her resignation two months before the expiration of her term so that puts me then in the post of President till December of this year. However, she had asked if I would take on that position for the next two years though, beginning in December. I had thought about it a good bit but then, told her and the members of the nominating committee that I didn't feel comfortable in taking on the job as a duly elected representative ya know.

My main reasons for turning down this auspicious honor were mainly that I am way too disorganized, not nearly detail oriented enough and also, extremely -yes, extremely -forgetful! I just didn't feel I would be able to follow through and do all the necessary stuff to keep on top of the groups many activities!

However, after our meeting this past Tuesday night and having had a fairly lengthy conversation with our pastor after that meeting, I gave this a bit more thought and decided if my daughter here would agree to trying to keep me on top of things by coordinating our schedules and such a little more than we already do now and by her poking and prodding me to remind me of things that have to be done and when, etc., that maybe, with a lot of help from her there I could do this job after all.

So, Mandy and I talked it over Tuesday night and yesterday, I phoned my good friend, Kate, who is on the nominating committee to tell her I had changed my mind and would be willing to take the position of President now within our group!

So, with that in mind, keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I can keep things in order with the many things that are involved in this post and also, that I can keep our meetings in order, within a decent (i.e. short) time frame for the meetings and also, am going to set up a game plan that hopefully, will rein me in when I go off-topic, lose my train of thought while leading a meeting and begin to ramble!

I'm going to set up a couple little, simple, hand-signals that my friend Kate has been instructed to use -very subtly, of course, to let me know that I need to shut up! If you think I am the queen of ramble by the way most, if not all, of my posts are here, you ain't seen nothing till you see me in action, verbally! So, I told my friend Kate when she sees that is beginning to happen at our meetings, that she is to casually run her hand over her neck -in a gesture indicative of throat-cutting, ya know -to let me know it's time to switch gears and get back on track, moving things forward again! Pastor Carrie says she can't wait to see how we manage that one but I think if anyone can give me subtle signals to tell me that, Kate's the one who can do that! She's known me longer than anyone else except for my extended family -cousins and such, ya know -and she knows me probably even better than those relatives do too! Yeah, she can do it, of that I'm sure!

And now, before I get any more behind my so-called schedule for today -which means I have a sink full of dirty dishes at the moment in need of being washed, chicken thawing that I'm to use tonight to make Chinese Chicken for supper per request by Mandy's stepdaughter, who will be coming here for supper and then staying on tonight to watch the kids so Mandy can take me to the movies where we'll be seeing "The Help" which is part of Mandy's game plan as being part of my birthday present. I also have to get dressed -yeah, still parked here in my pajamas and it's now going on 1 p.m. -and take the mutt for a nice walk in the lovely chilly air but sunshiny day and after that, try to squeeze in enough time to do a little bit of stitching on the tabletopper I'm trying to get finished now too!

Now, if I can make it through the movie tonight without falling asleep in the seat -something I have a tendency to do whether it be in my recliner at home or in church or a movie theatre and it makes no never mind either how interesting whatever it is I may be listening to or watching either that I will do a crash and burn, zone off and catch some z's during said things either ya know -then it will definitely have been a really good day and night for me!

So wish me luck, please! And feel free to offer any suggestions or information to eliminate any aspect of the confusion in my mind with Facebook, Yahoo, Cellphone usage or my impending rise to the presidency! Heaven knows I'm gonna need all the help I can get in any and all of those departments!

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terri said...

I don't think I can help you with that Facebook mess, but I did log into my account and did a search for you. Two of them do show up. One is your normal account and one just shows that you have 2 friends. My advice would be to just try deleting that 2nd one, just in case it is due to hackers.

As far as the cell phone, they're really not as complicated as you think. I'm sure Mandy can help show you the basics and you'll be an expert soon!