Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ENVY! Pure and Simple!

Recently, one of my long, long-time blogger friends -Skittles -announced that she and Mike (her husband) had just made a big purchase and boy, much as I hate to admit it, that bit of news created a whole lot of a bad thing within me.

It's called ENVY!

Yeah, Barb and Mike purchased an RV!

I've wanted an RV -preferably a nice big Winnebago Wagon type -but I'm not that fussy as I'd take any brand, as long as it qualified as an RV. I've always dreamed about being able to drive all over the country -heck, all over the continent here for that matter -why leave Canada out when there's so much to see up north as well as in the States, ya know.

But sadly, unless I were to win a huge jackpot by playing the lottery, that dream is never going to be fulfilled for me.

Oh well, maybe I can live the rv'ing lifestyle a bit vicariously through Barb and Mike's travels. Ya think?

Just so they also purchased themselves a darned good rv insurance plan that will cover their nifty new vacationing home on the road so they can travel about and rest at ease then!

Or, who knows but maybe I can convince Barb and Mike to drive by this way, pick me up and take me along on a little spin around this part of the globe?

After all, she does know where I live, ya know and it's a thought I'd be willing to entertain.

Wouldn't you?

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