Sunday, October 31, 2010

Exposed! Memory Loss.

If you remember, on Friday, I wrote about what Halloween was like when I was a youngster and also, a bit about my kids and their Halloweens too in comparison to what lies ahead now for the grandchildren.

That post, I had taken and put it on my Facebook too and boy, did I get a surprise from having done that.

Two old friends -a bit younger than me though -had commented on the post on Facebook, asking me if I remembered an event that took place back in my elementary school days when the students at the old Grassflat Elementary school -grades 1 thru 6 -participated in a Halloween parade around the village. And what's more, that we were led by the town's fire truck, blowing the siren to lead us on our way around such a big town as this is. (That's a joke as I don't think the village has had more than 900 residents as long as I've been around here -and that's now well over 60 plus years.)

However, I was really taken aback by the questions posed to me by sisters, Linda Raymond Askey and Diana Raymond Clark and especially so when they remembered, quite vividly, as a matter of fact, what their older sister, Bridget Raymond Askey had worn for her costume that year and in the parade!

I called my neighbor, and long-time friend, Kate Nelson Eyerly to ask her if she had any memory of this event and if so, maybe we could figure out what year this parade took place too. Unfortunately, it seems Kate's memory failed her there to as she had no recollection of us doing that.

So, I then called Bridget -the sister mentioned in the comments on Facebook for her costume that was supposed to have been of an African pygmy, with big long earrings made of cardboard. Or so sayth her sisters anyway.

When I spoke to her and explained what I was calling about, and told her I have no memory of this whatsoever, she howled laughing.

The reason this was so comical to her you see, is I sort of have a reputation amongst my classmates of being able to remember things -all kinds of things, mainly trivia type stuff -but going clear back to our time in First grade and coming forward over the next 12 years.

Well that well-known long-term memory just got exposed now, didn't it?

I think Bridget probably loved that fact that there was something that happened to us as kids that she remembered, quite well, and I didn't!

And I'm now really disappointed in myself that I don't recall something as auspicious as a parade, led by the fire truck, around the whole doggone town.

Actually though, I don't think I can blame this memory loss on the "Chemo Brain Drain" thing -as fellow blogger Janine at Sniffles and Smiles likes to refer to how confused those of us getting chemo do tend to get and quite often too.

Cause I know I had no memory at all of this even before the chemo treatments started!


Palm Springs Savant said...

oh now don't beat yourself up about long term memory stuff. There are all sorts of things I cannot recall- and I'm a few years your junior. Its normal to forget a bit!!!

Happy Halloween, by the way...

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

This happens quit a bit to me. I have a girlfriend that I have known for 32 years and she'll recall something from our youth and I think to myself..."What in the hell......??" lol I have absolutely no recollection of what she is talking about.