Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anticipation....Then, Splat!

Do you get cravings for certain foods now and again? I am guessing we all have that happen to us and today was one of those days for me.

The Women of the Morrisdale Methodist Church were having their annual Fall Bazaar today and my cousin Margy's husband, Jack, always makes a big pot of bean soup for this event. Every year when Mandy and the kids and I get up there to the church, the soup is already gone -without fail. But yesterday, Mandy had phoned Margy to make sure Jack was making his famous bean soup for today and Margy said yes, but we'd best be there before 9 a.m. if we wanted to score some of this good stuff.

Well I really had a hankering building then for bean soup. Nothing like a nice big bowl of homemade bean soup -and sprinkle a few chopped onions on top of it too, just for good measure. But, as often happens with us and trying to rise and shine for an early hour -like prior to 9 a.m., it was closer to 10 a.m. by the time we arrived at the bazaar.

But to my surprise, my dear cousin, Margaret Anne, had bottled up a quart jar full of this great soup and had it sitting on the check-out table, just waiting for me to pick it up. Finally, we'd managed to score some homemade soup!

So, after visiting with a few old acquaintances and cousins at this event, Mandy left to go to work and I was then to bring the kids back home with me, along with the other goodies Mandy had bought -plus a surprise present to me from one of the ladies in the kitchen who presented me with a big, fat "halupki" (translated -stuffed cabbage roll). Now I love those things perhaps even more than I love bean soup. Really, I do. They are absolutely awesome.

So anyway, we came home and I had Maya carrying two little styrofoam plates with candies on them while I was bringing in my halupki, my jar of bean soup and also, another quart jar of soup Mandy had purchased -homemade chicken noodle.

This should have been a walk in the park, really, cause this stuff wasn't heavy -not really. But I ran into trouble when we got going down the sidewalk because "Mr. Overly Friendly" dog -AKA Sammy was tied outside to the front stoop and of course, he high-tailed it to the door, so he could beat Maya and Kurtis out in the quest to be the first to get inside the house.

Then, Maya was having difficulty turning the knob on the front door and Sammy was barking and jumping on her, then on the door and being a royal pain in the behind. So I reached over Maya's head to grasp the doorknob and turn it and as I did that, you know don't you, that's when disaster truly struck!

Sam jumped and managed to bump my left arm -which is the arm I had all these goodies nicely cradled -and what happened was a great big old SPLAT!

Yep. My precious commodity, that quart jar full of fresh homemade bean soup, landed squarely on the front door step and of course, smashed then into a kazillion smithereens!

Talk about a revolting development, that sure was one right there.

But, then too, I got to thinking about this that if everytime I had something I really wanted to eat (but probably shouldn't be eating for one reason or another), if I could plan it so Sammy knocks the food out of my hands, I sure will never have to even think about going to a place like hcg Austin for any weight loss or wellness type programs, would I?

So anyway, then I had to get the broom and dustpan and clean up all the broken glass, all mixed in with the beans and the broth and get that mess cleaned up.

Now that little bit of so-called exercise though really made me appreciate -very much -that one lone halupki I'd been gifted with too at the bazaar! And a few of the candies Mandy had bought too sure tasted good for my dessert!

Next year, I'm taking along one of my big cloth, eco-type shopping bags specifically so I can safely carry another quart jar of fresh homemade bean soup into the house and get to enjoy it then too!

Actually, I lucked out further too though because Mandy had also bought a jar of the bean soup but had taken it with her when she went to work so when she called home this evening, I asked if she'd polished it all off. Boy, was I happy to hear her say that she still had some left!

Now I can have some of Jack's Bean Soup for my lunch tomorrow!

Yay, yay, ME!

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Anonymous said...

Aw man! :( It's good you got some of that wonderful bean soup in the end but it totally blows that your own big jar went "SPLAT!"

Maybe Jack will make some more soup and bring it over just for you! :)
Sounds YUMMY! So does the cabbage roll come to think of it! :)