Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For the Want of New Shoes!

One thing I have discovered recently on the few longer walks Sammy and I have been able to take is that I think it's high time I get myself a new pair of shoes!

I think I'd better look for a pair that give a lot of nice soft comfort to my feet, yes but also that will provide a really good support too so that after these walks, not only will my feet not hurt but also, hopefully, a good pair of shoes would keep my leg muscles from cramping up on me too!

Nothing worse than aching feet and legs is there! And especially not when they wake you up from a hard-earned sound sleep in the middle of the night with a big old charley-horse! OUCH and double OUCH on that deal.

I hate to shop for shoes because finding a pair that fits the way I want them to do and are reasonably fashionable (they don't have to be really, really vogue, but decent, ya know) is like searching for a needle in a haystack for me.

And then there's the price too! Gotta keep that in consideration as well and finding anything in my very modest price range is really next to impossible too.

One thing for sure -much as I liked the looks of these mbt shoes -they looked like something that quite possibly would satisfy my walking needs (if not my pocketbook), I doubt I'll be able to get a pair of these anytime soon. Well, unless I win the lottery that is and then, I might even invest in more than one pair of these puppies!

So, looks like I'm going back to the drawing board -again -in search of some soothing, comfortable shoes that I can wear year-round while walking good old Sammy!


terri said...

I know that all of those muscle-toning shoes are all the rage these days, but I'm sorry. Those things are UGLY! Then again, if you're wearing them to get in shape, I guess you're not really as concerned with the style. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those shoes are cool.. However that guy that pops up in the ad just about scared the crap outta' me Jeni! Holy hell! :)
Good luck on your shoe search.. I like Sketchers, they're my tried and true and with the neuropathy in my feet they work wonders..

TechnoBabe said...

I used to wake in the night with leg cramps and I started drinking more water. It has helped. I hope you can stop the leg cramps. That is so painful. Do you have a good thrift store near you? I found walking shoes at our thrift store for $2.97. They are practically new and they are so comfortable.

Suldog said...

I found a style of sneakers I love, long ago now, and that's all I ever buy. They're boat shoes, really, from Sperry, but they resemble the simple white cloth sneakers of my youth, like Keds or P. F. Flyers. Since I know my size, I just order two or three pairs on-line when the previous two or three pairs are getting ratty!

Suldog said...

By the way, MY WIFE has found two things that seem to help with leg cramps - vitamin E and tonic water (with quinine). She takes both on a semi-regular basis. Careful with the tonic water, though, as too much carbonated beverage can lead to kidney stones - or so I've heard.

... Paige said...

eat a banana before your walk

Debbie said...

I am right there with you on hating to shop for shoes. And I need some new ones as well.