Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking Snazzy!

This morning, when I picked my son up to drive him over to Clearfield where he was to catch that bus bound for Amarillo, when he came out and hopped in my jeep, I couldn't resist picking on him about his appearance.

"So, I see you're wearing your finest jeans today, aren't you, Son? Trying to make an awesome impression on someone along the way I guess, huh?"

He knew I was being a bit sarcastic in saying that and just laughed at me then. "Yeah, Ma, that's right!"

His jeans were what I gather would be considered vogue but this style just boggles my mind, for sure. Why? Well because they had not just tiny rips and tears here and there but big, really, really big, holes from about mid-thigh down to just below the kneecap. This style just totally goes against my grain, ya know. Who on earth would want to wear jeans that have as many holes in them as these do?

I like to see him dressed more along the Preppy lines -kind of like these sweaters =like the brown crewneck he had on last night when he had to go to a company meeting. Or like this coat too that he has and which he bought one exactly like it too for my grandson for Christmas two years ago. Don't he and his nephew make a rather dashing pair in their "look-alike" jackets though?
Hard to believe that Alex -my grandson -was only 11 years old there but was that close to his Uncle Clayton's height then and now -WOW -you should see the two of them together! Pretty soon, they'll be nose-to-nose, ya know!

But, my son can "Clean up quite nicely" if he has a mind to do so. Just that rarely does his mind think along the same timelines as his mother's so he tends to opt for a lot of his outfits to be along the "Raggy" style lines -or so it does seem to me anyway!

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