Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cold Morning and Rib-Sticker Breakfast

Yep. It must have been pretty doggone nippy this a.m. when Miss Mandy woke up cause when I got up, the furnace was running and the radiators were nice and toasty hot! Mandy refuses to run the furnace unless her teeth are chattering so the rest of us have to wear layer upon layer of clothes in order to get warm.

But since it was that chilly out this a.m., I decided it was time to fix a nice hot breakfast of some good old fashioned oatmeal that would warm the kids -and me -from the inside out. Hey! I need all the darned help I can get to get warm and stay warm too, don't 'cha know?

So I made us a batch of oatmeal -complete the way my kids always liked it -with brown sugar and butter mixed in it. I also put an added touch to our oatmeal today by taking a couple of dates and thin slicing them into the oatmeal too.

Mmmmmm, VERY Good!

Well, initially it looked like Maya and I were gonna be the only ones who would appreciate this yummy breakfast as Kurtis didn't like the idea of oatmeal at all -apparently -and when he saw those tiny brown bits in it, he really pitched a hissy fit.

"Take out! Take out!" he yelled at me while pointing to those teensy bits of dates!

I wasn't really in the mood to contend with his snippy food moods this a.m. and I told him, quite forcefully, to "sit up, shut up and eat -with no whining!" And, as to the dates -well I lied and told them that was just little tiny pieces of brown sugar.

No, I have no qualms whatsoever about lying to my grandchildren -especially in issues where food, safety and my sanity at an early morning hour are concerned.

Eventually, he did stir the oatmeal around a bit, got it fairly well cooled down so as not to burn his tongue and did a pretty decent job -at least as far as Kurtis is concerned -with eating about half of the oatmeal in his bowl.

I'll take his eating that much -including getting a couple tastes too of the dates -as a successful breakfast! Wouldn't you?


terri said...

I love oatmeal with brown sugar and butter. And I love dates. But it never occurred to me to mix all those things together! Might have to give that one a try this winter!

It was cold here this morning too. There was still frost on the ground when I woke up. But it warmed up to be a really beautiful, sunshiny fall day.

Woman In The Midst: Raw said...

Haha! I am so at that point with my grandson.. :) Oatmeal sounds sooo yummy right now! Darn you! :)

TechnoBabe said...

Oatmeal is yummy on a cold morning. Yours sounds delicious. We add a teensy bit of brown sugar sometimes too.