Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Run-Around Sue!

Just wondering if anyone else remembers the song, "Run Around Sue?" It was popular back in my younger years -you know, the ones I usually refer to as the 'dark ages' but just came to my mind tonight as I was thinking of a title for this post.

Not that I am a "run-around" in the way the Sue in the song was but boy, today, I sure felt like I could use this as my alias.

A group of women from our church decided we would get together today at the lovely Hotel Phillips 1921 Restaurant to celebrate our minister's birthday -since she is now officially in her thirties! The nice thing too about this lunch was that Pastor Carrie's mom -who has been visiting here for the past 6-8 weeks I think -was able to be with us today too. She's leaving tomorrow though to return to her home in Wisconsin.

Anyway, we had a very nice lunch, with either 13 or 14 women in attendance. I think it was only 13 but as I tried to go around the table, mentally, to count up how many were there, I wasn't sure if there may have been another lady with us that I might have forgotten. But for the sake of this post, we'll just leave it at 13, if that's okay with you, my readers.

A couple of the women seated near me had never tried the lobster bisque soup that this restaurant serves as a "house soup" and today, they decided to try it. I think in the end, almost everyone present had a cup of this delicious concoction. I had been thinking of just ordering a bowl of the soup but then decided what the heck, and I got the soup and sandwich special -a cup of the bisque with a chicken salad sandwich which was served too with a little cup of bean salad.

The only drawback to my meal today was that, as usual, Murphy and his stinking old law came along and I managed to drop a teensy tiny piece -barely bigger than a minute, ya know -of some kind of green from the bean salad (probably a dab of parsley or cilantro) on my shirt! And where did this gem land? Well, of course, right smack dab in the middle of the front! And of course, the shirt is an ecru shade and this tiny leaf thingy was coated with oil, don't you just know and to make things worse yet, it was the first time I'd even worn this shirt too! ARRGH!

The ladies seated around me and I had been joking before our food arrived about each of us having the propensity -or so it seems -to always manage to drop some tiny tidbit of food and have it land right smack dab in the middle of the chest area!

Wonder if the darned oil stain will come out now when Mandy does the laundry? By golly, I sure do hope so because I really liked this particular shirt and I'd hate to have it ruined by only one wearing, ya know.

After lunch, I decided since I was out and didn't have to rush right back home to get Maya off her bus or Kurtis off his van, that I would run over to Clearfield and take care of some really important business there for my son. Since he's still out in Texas working and will probably be there to the middle or near the end of November, someone has to handle his "affairs" here and since my name is on his checking account, most of that job falls in my lap then.

My son just so happens to have two fines he has to pay on monthly. One is for the DUI he got 18 months back and the other is a recent ticket he got one Saturday night when he and some friends were out and up at the truckstop in Clearfield and when they went to leave, each one of them made a big production out of pulling away from the parking area. That means they each apparently had to burn some rubber and spray up some gravel or some such routine (childish crapola in my book but apparently they regard this as great fun) and of course, as my son was the last in the line to pull out, he was also the one who got nailed by the town cop there and got a fine for his actions!

Sometimes, I do wonder when he will ever learn! When will he ever grow up, ya know? By the looks of things, probably never!

So, knowing these fines needed to get a payment made to each of them, off I went to shell out $75 of his money to keep him from having a warrant put out for his arrest here for non-payment of fines!

I have to make sure to remember to keep him current on these things while he's away and also, to make sure his car insurance is all up-to-date too or else, if he's late paying the insurance, we'll end up looking for car insurance quotes in the near future if his policy lapses.

Boy, as if keeping track of my own stuff weren't enough already by itself, now with his bills and due dates to keep straight too in my head, this is really gonna tax the chemo brain drain to the max I'm afraid!

Just liable to put too much mental stress there on the grey matter in my now bald head and it might explode!

(Oh yes -I am now bald! I had our neighbor do the deed last night when she came over to color Mandy's hair again! Figured what the heck, I may as well take the leap and get this all over and done with. Give me enough time to get accustomed to this sandpaper look and who knows, maybe some day in the distant future I'll even share a photo here of the new vogue look going on in this household!)


terri said...

I always make sure I have one of those Spray 'n Wash Stain Sticks in my laundry room. Seems like the kids are always getting some sort of stain or grease on their clothing and the stain stick does wonders!

Anonymous said...

Pre-treat the stain and it should be fine - fingers crossed.. :)
Kids, huh? I am so with you on this.. Keeping track of their crap when I can't even keep track of my own! But it's what we do as Mom's isn't it? I went on strike one time for 2 whole weeks and refused to do anything for anyone in my home other than myself and boy you should've seen the shocked faces but they learned.. Trial and error and I laughed so much watching them all flounder but hey, I'd had enough and now they know.. Overload me and I'll strike again! :)

Berni said...

I remember 'Run around Sue' certainly dates us doesn't it. The stain should come out but of course it is a favourite item you don't drop things on your old junk don't you know. Bald I wouldn't want to do that before I had to or it happened. I don't have much to begin with I try to hang on to every hair.