Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not in the Cards!

Every day now, when I get up and get around to combing (or brushing) my hair for the day, the old gray-haired mop is getting thinner and thinner. One of these mornings I expect I'll try to comb out the last few remaining hairs and they'll just fall off, into my hands, conceding defeat, ya know.

The waste can in the bathroom has been seeing quite a few very large handfuls of this hair each day now.

The other day though, as Mandy was getting Maya ready for school, combing her hair in the bathroom, Maya asked her mother some questions and the discussion went like this.

Maya: "Why is Gram cutting her hair?"
Mandy: "She's not."

Maya: "Well how's come there's all that hair that was Gram's in the waste can then?"
Mandy: "Because Gram's hair is falling out."

Maya thought about that for a minute or so and then said this:

"I could cut it for her, maybe?"

Ummmm, sorry Maya but I rather think not.

Some how, I just think it would be much better for all concerned -especially old Gram here -if I just let the chemo do its thing and have the hair all fall out on its own rather than have one of Maya's hair styling attempts be done to me!

I could be wrong of course, but for now, that just ain't gonna happen, my sweet little girl!

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Maggie May said...

It must be perplexing for Maya to see this happening.I take it you are not going to camouflage it?
Maggie X

Nuts in May