Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cold and Feeling Kind of Punk.

So, in my last post, I told you bits and pieces about how Halloween was when I was a child and for my children too. Got ready and went to the school then for the "Halloween Parade" there.

Boy, what a mess!

It was cold this a.m. -very gray skies and as I began driving to the school, there were some sprinkles of rain entering the scene too.

Finding a place to park -as usual at our school -is quite an experience. I finally pulled off next to another car parked on the grass in front of the elementary playground. Walked to the elementary school and got pretty well soaked in the process as the sprinkles had turned into a rather cold, kind of steady rain then. And of course, I hadn't worn my winter hooded coat so my turban (and my head) got wet as did my fleece jacket which made me feel cold clear to the bone!

Went to the entrance of the elementary building -which of course is locked -and pressed the admittance button. Then, nothing happened but I saw this other door beside that and it opened and in I went. There was a young woman there who I asked about where we were to go for the kids' parade and she informed me we had to go back outside -brrrr -just exactly what I didn't want to do -and walk -in the rain, of course -clear down to the main high school entrance.

By the time I finally got inside, I felt like I was near to being frostbitten! If I'm freezing now at cold rain and temps in the high 30s or low 40s, I'm thinking we need to find a quick buyer for the house and high-tail it out of town on the first big rig going south and west! LOL

Got in the auditorium, which of course was packed but managed to find a seat beside two friends from church Elsa and her daughter, Denise.

Watched the kids come through -starting with the kindergarden kids and on through the 6th grade. I'd have loved to have gotten some decent photos of the kids but from where I was seated -way in the back -even if I used the close-up feature on the camera, it doesn't have enough power to it to pull in a good shot with lighting decent enough then to actually make out who any of the kids were in these classroom groups.

After the kids came out on the stage and stood there -and a few kids here and there waved to the audience -when they exited the stage they were supposed to come down along the side aisle, go across the back of the auditorium and then down the other side aisle and exit then to the right to go back to their rooms.

As Maya's class began to move off and I tried to snap a picture of her, the movement combined with the lousy lighting all worked together to give me a very dark picture of nothing I recognized!

And then, to add insult to injury, her teacher didn't lead the kids down the aisle past where I was seated -for some unknown reason -so I didn't even have a chance to get a shot of her then as she should have strolled by us. Drats!

But fortunately a friend of Mandy's apparently had much closer access to the kids and she got this picture of Miss Maya in her cheerleader's outfit -complete with her black pompoms!

After the parade, I came home, found a quilt to curl up under in my recliner and shivered for at least the next two hours, trying to get some warmth to my cold old bones! (And this was after coming out of the school to a bright and sunny scene too! However sunny it may have been, there sure was no warmth from that orange ball in the sky for me today though!)

Spent the bulk of the day under that nice warm quilt and napped off and on then too and now, it's after midnight and I'm still a bit chilled tonight yet!

Yeah -I can see the handwriting on the wall for sure.

It's gonna be a really long, hard and cold, cold, cold winter ahead!


Maggie May said...

I never felt so cold in my life as I did last year when I was having chemo. I think it was definitely a side effect.
I think you are doing very well being able to do so much without feeling you can't put one foot on front of the other.
I felt you were writing about my last attempt to take photos of the youngest grandchild's stage production. Right from the long wait outside to the not being able to get a decent photo! I guess it is the same the world over!
Take care.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Travis Cody said...

We had our Halloween party at work yesterday afternoon. People got to bring in their kids so they could T&T around the office. There were some pretty cute costumes this year.