Friday, October 22, 2010

The New Me!

If you read my post on Wednesday about the impromptu lunch some of my old high school friends and I had on the occasion of another classmate and her husband having come north for a little vacation and time to visit with old friends, you may have noticed that on those pictures, that I'm wearing a white turban.

Yeah, seems the old chemo kicked in full gear last week and between Tuesday and Saturday, the hair loss was so large that it did necessitate my bringing out the turbans I got at the Cancer Clinic and began to wear them.

But you know, it doesn't bother me. Actually, the turbans feel very nice and comfortable and now, with chillier weather setting it, they give just a nice amount of warmth then to my old ears!

But, one thing I did notice on those pictures that I suppose you may not have noticed -well, I hope not anyway -and maybe I'm just getting a bit paranoid, but I think my skin tone and color doesn't look quite right. I'm thinking perhaps I should invest in some face cream to see if it maybe helps rejuvenate some issues there.

Well, if nothing else, since winter weather is just around the corner now, and if I get back into the swing of things, walking Sammy more, again -then some face cream would definitely help prevent the skin from getting all red, rough and chapped from the cold weather, wouldn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jeni.. I'm so sorry you're going thru this.. If I could take it away I would.. I remember those days.. When my hair got to the point where it was leaving me with nothing but tufts of hair here n' there, my nephew came over with his clippers - he keeps his head shaved, like a lot of young guys do - and he shaved my head for me, first playing around with the look of a mohawk n' what not.. I am just so sorry you're going thru this.. I'm glad the turbans feel nice. People don't realize how tender your scalp is when you have no hair.
The skin color issue is from chemo. I had weird coloring for a time too but eventually it evens out but walking the pup will do wonders as well. :)
You are in my prayers Miss Jeni - always.