Friday, October 22, 2010

Confusing, at Best!

How many of you, my readers, are on Social Security? And if you are, do you have Medicare too?
Just wondering as well if you also have a supplemental insurance plan that kicks in and pays a lot of the difference between what Medicare pays and what your actual bills for doctors, hospitals and yes, even prescription stuff too.

I have that -social security, medicare and in addition, I also have other health insurance so the debt -especially now, with the chemo and all kinds of other doctor visits - doesn't get too far ahead of what I will actually be able to pay.

But one thing that really bugs me are these darned Medicare part D plans!

Now my insurance coverage does provide this coverage and for that, I am really very grateful. But boy, I do wish they would make the stuff they send me a lot easier to figure out.

I get these printouts from my insurance provider in which they list all the information ever put out I think, on the drugs I am getting, particularly with the chemo! And when I read those papers -usually about five-six pages in length -I come away from that reading just totally confused.

If you get papers like these, listing all the drugs and their cost, and your cost and some other cost factor in there too, tell me how the heck do you figure out what in blazes they are saying on these papers anyway?


Suldog said...

Wish I could help you out, Jeni, but no SS or Medicare for me yet.

Anonymous said...

I have Medicare and I'm on disability, was on SS and the whole thing is a mess. I stopped trying to figure it out years ago. I don't know at all what those print outs mean but I know what a bill looks like! Those catch my attention every time..