Friday, October 22, 2010

Next on Maya's Wants List!!!

My granddaughter, Miss Maya, as you may recall, just celebrated her 7th birthday. And what a celebration it was too! It was a surprise party that we had managed to keep a complete secret about it until she walked in the door here last Saturday night.

Imagine her surprise when she saw streamers hanging down in the doorway between the dining room and the sunporch area and then, in the dining room, there were even more crepe paper streamers hanging from each corner of the room over to the ceiling light as well.

Needless to say, she was really one very happy and extremely excited little girl.

Her first words at seeing all of this were "This is my best birthday EVER!"

And speaking of great birthdays, she got lots and lots of neat gifts too. That's for sure.

She even received a DVD player! I was a bit shocked by that gift until Mandy informed me that the DVD player that is built into the little TV set I got for the kids two years ago had been broken. Seems little Mr. Kurtis managed somehow to do that!

Well, both the kids do love to lay in their bed and watch their favorite videos as often as they can, that's for sure. And the nice thing about this piece of equipment now too is that we can always disconnect it from their tv and bring it downstairs to hook it up to the tv in the living room so we adults can then enjoy watching some movies too then from time to time. (The DVD player we had here in the living room stopped working a while back, so this will definitely come in handy here, won't it?)

But at the rate things are going here, with Miss Maya getting all these new kinds of "toys" -sort of -and with having the capacity to watch lots and lots of movies in their room, I'm thinking maybe we should even start thinking about getting a popcorn machines and that way, we could have oodles and oodles of popcorn available for their viewing pleasure as well as for Mandy and me too! (Well, actually we could probably make do with only one machine but then again, the way those two kids can put the popcorn away, who knows if one or maybe more would be needed to do the trick!)

That really would work quite well in my book! LOL

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Woman In The Midst: Raw said...

Yay Maya!!! I am a firm believer in presentation, lots of streamers, balloons, ribbons.. It's the whole package! :) And yes, absolutely get the popcorn maker.. Movie nights are always a lot of fun! :) My daughter's family does movie night once a week, a $10 pizza and a free kids movie from the library and they're set! :)