Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get Back on Track -Maybe?

Well, tonight -after our fun outing up to Kane, PA to find that little store -when we got back home I had some more fun. I made a big pan of the baked custard, which Mandy and I are the only ones in the house with good taste buds apparently cause we were the only ones who ate any of it. I did get Maya to take an itsy-bitsy little bite and then, when I asked her if she liked it or not, she gave me a very cold look and an even colder answer. Simply said "NO!" And apparently, for her, that was the end of that discussion.

I also baked some of the lovely Swedish Limpa Rye bread now that I finally -after a long, long time of doing without the needed flour -got and I managed to get three loaves of the bread done as well as two small kakas of rye bread. (A kaka is pronounced sort of like "cock-a" and is bread dough rolled out like a pizza pie to about a 2 inch thickness and anywhere from 6 to 10 inches in diameter.)

Monday morning though -before I took my shower to get ready to roll -I did something else. I took a pair of scissors and snip, snip, snipped every last strand of hair on my head I could reach and snip! What little bit of hair I had left was really just straggles of strands but they were pretty much long stragglers too, down the back of my neck. The hair was too thin to pull it up and use anything to hold it up and in place, even under the cover of the lovely different turbans and it was really bugging me. A lot! A whole lot!

So I took the scissors and cut it. Then tonight, Mandy called our neighbor telling her we have panakaka as well as some freshly baked limpa rye and could she trade those commodities to our neighbor in exchange for her coming over here tomorrow night and coloring Mandy's hair. Yeah, they have a plan in motion for that now. I told Mandy to tell Karen to bring her electric cutting equipment -razor or whatever she would need to use and she can then just shave the rest of the puny little hairs left on my head off then and there. I figure I may as well go the route of the buzz cut and get it done with!

So now I'm getting myself back into the baking routine once again. Just in time too so I can make a couple of loaves of bread to take out to our church bazaar a week from this coming Saturday -November 6th!

If anyone reading this is gonna be in the vicinity of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lanse, PA -stop by for a lovely lasagne dinner -complete with salad, rolls, butter and homemade pumpking or apple pie and check out all the goodies the women of our church will have on sale there! Virtually about everything from soup to nuts!

And now that I'm working on getting that aspect of my life back on track, wouldn't you just know it, something else is popping up now that kind of gets me to hold back on taking Sammy for our long, long walks just yet.

And what might that be?

Hunting season!

Hunters will be busy, busy now getting their guns all set, their rifle scopes honed in (or whatever the heck it is they do with those things) and wandering around the woods near here during the day with more than a few of 'em probably having an itchy trigger finger too, I fear.

For me, that will be just enough to keep me from taking Sammy out further from the house on our walks. I'll go down to the end of the paved road from our house, up the street to the 4-way intersection in town, but other than that, till after hunting season, our long walks will pretty much be curtailed except on any Sunday that the weather is decent.

Just see no sense in taking any chances with things like that, ya know!


terri said...

The fact that you have to be careful about where you and Sammy walk, due to hunters, really shows the difference between where you and I live. I enjoy a little bit of wooded areas here and there, but nothing that would accommodate hunting, so that's not a worry for me. The weather is becoming more of a concern than anything. There are 50 mph winds and temps are in the 40s as I'm writing this!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll be sharing your bread recipe? It sounds delicious! ;)