Friday, October 22, 2010

Smooth Sailing -Sort Of

I know I've been telling all you -my lovely readers -about the chemo treatments I'm not getting. I have to have six of these treatments spread out over an 18 week time span.

And generally, when you think of chemotherapy, all kinds of not so nice things probably pop into your mind, I suppose. I know they did for me but so far, I'm actually weathering the storm fairly well.

I've had no nausea from the treatments which is a big bonus but then too, I get a prescription to take the first two days after a treatment that is supposed to prevent nausea and in the event it doesn't work completely, I have another prescription here that I can take for that issue too. And so far, this has been working quite nicely.

Between my first and second treatment though, I have to say I felt terrific -even had what seemed to be an over-abundance of energy on hand. WOW. Now that was an incredible feeling for me.

My appetite was good too however, my doctor was a bit alarmed because I had lost some weight -almost five pounds in between those two treatments. I was quite happy about that because I thought then well, looks like I don't need to be going looking for some weight loss pills that work then, would I?

Well now, since my last treatment, I have a little problem -nothing major, I'm sure -but my sinus has been going absolutely haywire on me. And what's more, it's causing issues that make swallowing difficult and that, in turn, is turning my appetite off a good bit now.

Hopefully, the sinus stuff will clear up soon now that I got some other meds to go to work on that.

Much as I do like the idea of losing a couple pounds here and there, I do understand my doctor's concern and hope this little problem will soon be corrected so the appetite doesn't drop off too much.

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Anonymous said...

Eat, eat, eat Jeni!! You must. Good stuff, bad stuff but eat. :)
Just giving you a lit'l blogging scolding.. Because I've been there and because I care! Hugs.. <3