Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shopping With Children!

This is something that bugs me at times when I happen to take the two grandchildren with me to the grocery store or other places that frequently use these point of purchase displays.

For the most part, I don't object to this type of advertising and marketing because usually it is a way to steer customers to items currently being sold at a special sale price. And usually, the displays in most cases are not such that draw the attention of small children and that's fine. I'm the one doing the shopping and the purchasing and paying -not the kids.

But the ones that bother me immensely are those that are near the checkout counter and within the reach of small hands and most often these are for the candies and little junk food type items that DO tend to grab the attention of small children!

And then, especially if you are a bit harried to get the shopping completed, the kids spy this stuff and then it begins -the "I want" this or that syndrome. You all know what I mean if you have to shop at any time, in any place, with small children in tow, don't you?

I just wish all stores -from the little corner type markets to the big box chain stores -would take that more into consideration when they set up those type of things to display their merchandise.

Having things that entice small children is often a bit of an invitation to them to do their own brand of shoplifting then too at way too young an age!

I had that happen to me a while back with Maya as, when we got to the car and I got her into her car seat, I saw she was opening a package of bubble gun and I asked where she got that?

I knew where she got it! Precisely! It was on display on the rack totally within her reach and she didn't yet understand that those things are there for purchase only -not for little children to reach up and just take them!

I took the opened pack of gum from her and immediately went back into the store and gave the cashier money for the gum and he thanked me for coming back and making good to the store.

But Maya on the other hand, never ever saw that gum again! It went into the garbage as soon as we got home.

Gram's method of punishment, ya know!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! And kudos for not giving in and just giving it to Maya.. No lesson is learned that way.. Poor Maya but cool you! ;) You rock "Gram's."

Smalltown RN said...

OH how very true my friend. But that is marketing and advertising now isn't it? Never mind the stores..look what goes on with the TV...with Christmas coming what do you think all the commercials are going to be about....and yes when you go to the stores there will be many many things within the little tykes hand and eye level.

I too wonder why they put the treats at the counter...so very easy and tempting to just put in your pocket..and Maya just saw something she liked and well not understanding the whole you have to pay for it took it.....Kudos to you gram for making it right...and I hope she understood the lesson you were trying to teach her.

terri said...

Ouch! Tough lesson for Maya, that one!

Travis Cody said...

Good for you!