Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Night Special

Just taking a couple of minutes tonight to finish up a few things I didn't have time to do yesterday and keep folks abreast of the rest of the weekend stuff.

Yesterday, I mentioned in my hurried post that my friend, Maddie, at had given me the Schmoozer Award but I was in my normal frenzied state when trying to get ready to go someplace (running late, ya know) and I didn't have time then to put it on my sidebar.

Well, tonight I got that job done, taken care of, all set up!

For anyone who isn't aware of this prestigious award, you've evidently been hiding under a rock someplace because you can see exactly what schmoozing is simply by watching the political debates, seeing each candidate try to sell him/herself to the voters. Well, that's one definition of schmozzing anyway.

In the blogging arena, here's what is involved in schmoozing -slightly like the actions of our dearly esteemed politicians, but well, not quite the same at the same time.

“Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.”

And you all know too that one of the standard rules of blogging involve paying things forward too - don't 'cha? I get to pass this award on to five other deserving bloggers now - folks who have really nifty, friendly blogs, tell a good story here and there (or a joke) or make some worthwhile statements or comments to help create a friendly, smooth atmosphere here in blogger land for all the rest of us.

So, would the following bloggers now please come forward and accept your well-deserved award for schmoozing excellence:

Debo Blue - at A Blue State of Mind - because Debo always tries her level best to provide some deep insights into various things - talking about friends and family and her religious convictions in such a manner that you just KNOW, here's a lady from the get-go, who walks the walk as well as she talks the talk.

David McMahon at Authorblog - This writer-renowned photographer is a blogger extra-ordinaire! Really and truly he is! He visits what has to seem like a kazillion blogs every day, takes the time to help budding writers and/or bloggers, comments with words of wisdom as well as humor -a big lover of puns, he is too -and really goes out of his way to be a friend to everyone. If you don't believe me, just go check out his blog and you'll see for yourself. Great photos, really interesting short takes on topics of everything from soup to nuts.

Pat and her Random Thoughts at MinnesotaBlue Here's a lady who found me! And she found me through her granddaughter's blog and some comments I had left there. She looked up my e-mail address and wrote to me about having appreciated some things I had said but also to tell me she was having difficulty leaving comments on my blog. Well, as you know, I'm not very techno-savvy so I have no clue as to what causes the issues I have, that others have leaving comments but I just made a deal with her - anytime she wanted to comment and blogger or my blog (whatever) wouldn't allow her to do so, just send me an e-mail and I'd be sure to insert her comments here, myself. She's pretty new to the blog scene but she's learning and she posts some pretty provocative things too here and there - straight-shooter, that's Pat in her posts for sure.

Magnetbabe at Fieldlines - This is the young lady who through her blog and my comments there, brought her grandmother - Minnesota Blue - and I together in blogging! She's a rocket scientist! No, not quite that - she's actually a physicist but when you hear someone has a job like that, don't you automatically tend to think that person has to be a "rocket scientist" in the sense of having extraordinary learning abilities? Well, I do anyway! But aside from that, she -like her grandmother - is also a straighter shooter, right from the hip, and not only has some really interesting posts on her blog, she's a true cat lover from the get-go -rescues feral cats! But the bottom line is she's just a very nice young lady not afraid to step forward and state her opinions.

Stine at Mother's Home
- Rounding out my list and doing a little more international diplomacy maybe, I think this working mother (You'll have to go read her blog to learn just how many children she has) really knocks herself out to be a good and friendly blogging representative! She currently on a mission to earn some big bucks through sponsored postings but when you read her posts, even the pay-per-posts, you'll see her wisdom and wit coming through loud and clear! She's also a blogger willing to try to do things that increase not only her own authority and rankings in the blog community, but to do things that will help all the rest of us to do likewise.

So there you have 'em folks - my nominations to get the lovely Schmoozer Award.

And, if any one is wondering why the two awards I have -shown together on my side bar - are of two different sizes - I'd like to know why that is too! Haven't figured out how things like that happen much less how to correct them as yet. Maybe another day I'll learn what procedure would correct those little things to make them all correctly sized for proper appearance on my sidebar.

Now, since it was a big day here at this house - I cooked a big dinner for the whole family - well, almost the whole family that is - the stepgranddaughter has been absent this weekend, spending it with her mother and the older grandson, Alexander, was with his dad after his pee-wee football game today (which his team won - woo-woo, Alex) because today is his Dad's birthday. And my kids, the ex-husband, the other grandkids and I had a very nice dinner after which the ex even thanked me for a "really good meal" (Actually he said something to the effect of my having fed him some really good "grease" but knowing his mannerisms, I took that as a supreme compliment, coming from him!) The older daughter also brought something along too for dessert - an ice cream cake roll for someone's birthday. Gee, wonder who that could be?

Yep - for an older me now. As of now, as I write this, I am now officially another year older! Technically not quite yet as I didn't enter into the world until about 6 a.m. but who's gonna quibble over a couple of hours anyway? I'm still stuffed from dinner and all that good, really yummy ice cream cake and the laughs, the fun the kids, grandkids and the ex had today picking on each other and especially, listening to Maya sing "Happy Birthday" after the rest of the family had sung it over the ice cream cake! One of those events where we really should have had the video camera out and running ya know, to catch her musical abilities all on tape and for posterity!

Now, since I'm so much older -suddenly -I feel really tired, in need of some good restful sleep. Gotta do whatever is necessary at my senior status to keep up the energy levels ya see!

Nite now.


Stine said...

Thank you, thank you! I will get on with it, and thank you again!

Stine said...

OH - nearly forgot: Happy (late) Birthday - sounds like you had a good one!

WalksFarWoman said...

Congratulations on your award Jeni and the birthday! Nice that they both coincided. Thank you for the links, you always know they'll be worth visiting when they come with such a highly recommended source.

You sound as if you enjoyed your day even though you spent much of it cooking - I'm afraid I'm a poor parent as I go on 24 hour strike on birthdays - then a go slow the next day - until someone says 'Hey lady, you're birthday's over!' :)

david mcmahon said...

Happy birthday, dear Jeni,

Hope you had a wonderful day and that you have a wonderful year.

Thank you for the recognition and the gracious mention of what I do. I guess I was brought up by my parents to ``do for others'' - so the credit goes to them, not to me!!

All I can say, with extreme humility, is ``thank you''.

God bless. Have a great year.

Keep smiling


magnetbabe said...

Thank you so much, I will display it proudly just as soon as I can! In the meantime, a very happy birthday to you!

Minnesotablue said...

Jeni: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you feel forever young! Thank you so much for the award. I'm very pleased to have met you and enjoy talking to you. I am very proud of magnetbabe, her accomplishments are amazing and she is a great person also. Aren't we lucky to have grandchildren.

lattégirl said...

So, technically, you were born at 6 a.m. on Monday? So I'm not technically late wishing you a happy birthday?


Fletch said...

Hi Jeni. Belated birthday wishes. Got here from David's Blog - a great jumping-off point to interesting places!

Your second award has a width set to 240px instead of 170px. Change that, and it will appear the same as the first one.

If you aren't familiar with editing your HTML, e-mail me direct and I'll try and give you a hand from afar.

Dave said...

Happy Birthday!

Vic Grace said...

Happy Birthday Jeni and many more.

Theresa said...

Yes Happy Birthday!

And congrats again on the award, now that I know the entire theory behind it- It does describe you, not only did you come to visit my newbie blog, but you always leave nice comments.

Who knows about those different sizes- I sometimes spend another 10 minutes after I finish my blog to try to get the formatting correct.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the Academy, the millions of you who voted for me, my husband David Baptista, my daughters Autumn and Summer and all the little people who like me. Who really like me!

Debo "The Fabulous" Blue

I am THE ham:-)