Thursday, October 11, 2007

Additions - and Some More Additions!

Man, I am whipped! And all it took was fighting with this blog - the customize thing, a few other things too -none of which wanted to behave accordingly.

First, this morning when I was doing the post directly below this one, I had "issues" trying to insert the blogs of my faves in a paragraph format. The computer - or blogger -one of those two things anyway -flat out refused to to allow me to do that! It insisted I list those blog one to a line! Then it also insisted they be double spaced too. And, to add insult to injury, it even flaked out on me several times and changed the doggone font as well! All that without my ever touching the font buttons too!

Once I got that wonderful technorati authority grabbing post done, time to start my reading rounds - checking in to see what my fave bloggers had to say today. More problems there then! Yep - as I was reading Meloncutter Musings post he mentioned about two photos he had in that post but be darned if I could see either of them. I refreshed the blog - still nothing. Finally, in a stroke of absolute genius, I opened his blog using my good old internet explorer and presto magic, there were the pictures! Wow. I was really impressed that I'd thought to do that - ticked off that firefox was screwing with me, messing with my poor old pea brain but happy, none the less.

After that followed more fighting, trying to get the pictures in my sidebar to display properly - as I'm sure you've noticed, they were not showing up in the right sizes. What really irked me about that was some of them are duplicates and I had used the same darned jpeg file for them -never adjusted them at all -and one would display correctly while others would not.

Finally, tonight, I reloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser. Then, I went to my blog and the customize thing - reloaded the widget pictures only this time, instead of having a little check mark showing in that box that says "Shrink to fit" - I unchecked it. And guess what? The pictures loaded in correctly!

I don't know what did the trick - reloading Firefox or not having the "shrink to fit" box checked but something worked and that's all that mattered to me! More work to come in the next couple of days on the appearance of ye olde blog though so cross your fingers and hope it all works out ok!

Now - on to other things!

First - you'll see two new additions in my sidebar -if you look closely.

The YODA button comes to me from Sunshine 13 - for participating in her "pimpin and blog whoring" event last week! Pretty cool reminder to everyone reading others blogs to remember to COMMENT. Yes, comment, comment, comment! We all love to get 'em - you know you do, I know I do too! Lurking from time to time is ok, but gee, come on out into the sunshine - or moonlight perhaps - whatever the case may be - and don't be afraid to share your thoughts, your opinions! How the heck else are those of us writing these posts gonna know what people think, what they like, what they appreciate, if'n you don't step up and say "Howdy" and then go on and tell us!

So - a big thanks to Sonia for the Yoda button and I'm displaying that puppy with pride, as you can see!
This is the other addition - The Egel's Nest Award - was bestowed on me by Vic Grace from Cariboo Ponderer. Here's why Vic says she gave this award to me: "I just want to show appreciation to four friends that have been with me from the start of this blog, keeping me going when I was ready to quit." But I have to correct Vic there. She is the one who puts up some of the most beautiful photos of British Columbia, writes some really heartfelt posts, along with lots and lots that are very educational as well. Don't believe me? Check her blog out! Seriously folks, she writes excellent pieces there, all very well researched too. I think with me she's trying to disprove that old saying "Can't teach an old dog new tricks" because from reading her posts, I have actually learned a whole heck of a lot about lots and lots of things too! And if I helped to keep her writing when she was ready to throw in the towel, I'm just more than happy to have been able to help keep her from doing that!

Now, if anyone wants to tackle explaining some stuff - about "authority" - "Blog rankings" too, from Technorati, Google, another other of those things, I for one would love to have someone explain that stuff to me in ENGLISH please - no computerese - and I think one of my other favorite bloggers - Dave, at Rather Than Working, might appreciate the information too. Now Dave may be an attorney and can understand all the lovely "legalese" language that also confuses and confounds me, but he claims to be a part of the "unwashed masses" so to speak, when it comes to blogging stuff. Bottom line here is this, we'd both appreciate some straight-forward explanations about those things - what they mean, how to interpret them, etc., etc., etc.!

And now, I'm going to make a mental note to be sure to be up and awake in the morning when a certain 16-year-old make-up fiend gets up to get ready to go to school and remind her to PLEASE put her purse up - HIGH - very high -out of reach of a certain four-year-old Princess' grubby little hands! Do NOT leave the darned purse laying about in easy reach of this child or the next time, she is going to be yanked out of bed to give this certain little Princess another bath to wash away all the mascara and eye shadow she now is sporting on her cheeks -and also - on the end of her nose! Ok, she's a little misguided I guess you could say at to the placement of that stuff and considering she put it on her face, in the dark, in the sunporch, with no mirror to use as a guide either, I guess I shouldn't complaint cause she did come close to hitting the mark -well, sort of anyway!

Always something, isn't there? Yep - and I've said this before, gonna say it again, exasperating as it can be at times, ya know I wouldn't want it any other way too don't 'cha now!

Nite all!


Theresa said...

Yes I had issues with that fit to page button too, and found out if I don't check it then it fits beautifully

Congrat on your two awards! Especially on Yoda, since your really went after that one :)

Vic Grace said...

You sound like an old computer pro. So disregard my email it came too late.

dr sardonicus said...


As a bonus, I've included some of my feelings about Technorati.

Saedel said...

Hi Jeni, just dropping by to say I already answered your inquiry in my comment box.

I also would like to thank you for visiting my planet and now I'm returning the favor.

Hope you do come back again to my site.